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Eating Right: The Start to a Healthy Body-Breakfast



If you’re going to start eating healthy, then you gotta start right, with the first meal of the day.  Too many people think breakfast is a meager meal or that they just don’t have the time for it.  You’re all too anxious for that cup of coffee to wake you up after a long night of sleep and just as easily forget about having something to eat.  Your body spends those 6 or 7 or 8 plus hours at night, rebuilding and rehabbing itself from the hell you put it through the day before.  Though you’re asleep, you’re body is at one of its most active states.

Breakfast should be one of the bigger meals of your day.  Make sure you get an adequate amount of the good stuff your body needs, especially protein and complex full carbohydrates, such as those found in whole wheats and whole grains.  Something as simple as a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich on whole wheat is actually not that bad for you, especially if its made at home.  Its usually under 300 calories and has that protein and carbs you need to get your body going.  Other good things to have for breakfast can include fruit, various omelets, cottage cheese, assorted cereals, and so on.  Also don’t be hesitant to eat something you may have leftover in your fridge.  Breakfast doesn’t have to be limited to your everyday known breakfast foods.  Even those couple slices of pizza leftover from the night before can be a good breakfast.  Because its the first meal of the day, it has the best chance to get burnt off as energy and the least chance to get stored as fat in the body.

My simple breakfast; a protein shake, made with about 16ozs of 1% milk instead of water, with a heartier protein such as BSN Truemass or even Muscle Milk Lite.  Both of these are higher in calories, but they are loaded with high % of daily values of much of the essential vitamins and minerals, similar to those found in all your cereals and stuff like Carnation instant breakfasts.  Plus, you get on average 35grams of protein for your muscles to enjoy.  To go with my shake, I’ll pour about 4-5ozs of Grape Nuts cereal into a small cup, dip a spoon into Skippy All-natural peanut butter, and eat the Grape Nuts like that.  There’s more vitamins and minerals, a serving of whole grains, and extra protein.

Feel free to experiment with breakfast, but whatever you do, be sure to eat it.  Its the most important meal of the day for those of us looking to change and improve our bodies.


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