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If you are like me or the countless other fitness enthusiast around the world, you would know that going to the gym is the single most important thing you can do with your life. But how much of us were actually brought up with this stuff? Indeed, if you wish to know all there is to know about the world of gyms and their respective culture, you would have to immerse yourself in the profound knowledge that the Internet had bestowed upon mankind. Seriously though, there are literally millions of website all across the web that can teach you how to eat, exercise and fall in love with the sport.

But in order for you to do that, you must first know what are the “important’ questions, and their respective answers. Here is what I am talking about (in a nutshell).

Q: What Is The Best Time To Go To The Gym?

Answer: Anywhere between 00:00 and 24:00 GMT. There isn’t the ‘best’ or ‘worst’ time for going to the gym; everything depends on your own personal preference. If you go to work, then logic would dictate that you will fulfill your gym obligations once you are done fulfilling your other, career-oriented responsibilities. It is true however, that the mornings are slightly better in terms of body temperature, metabolism, etc. The evenings are more psychologically welcoming – so basically everything evens itself out.

Q: Am I Too Fat/Skinny To Be Working Out?

Answer: Well, for the most part it shouldn’t matter. If you are overweight, I would avoid anything that involves squatting or bending over, especially with free weights! Most people, in their attempts to lose weight, fall prey to their “fitness gluttony’, only to find themselves hurt, injured and not all that well. If you are underweight, I would suggest you bulk up first using a number of different drugs and supplements, but more on that later.

Q: Once In the Gym. What Should I Do?

Answer: It is no secret that the gym is a place where one physically moves weights. You will hear body-maniacs talking about ‘pumping their guns’ or ‘shredding their abs’. This is all well and good if you have previous gym and supplement experience. But if you don’t have said traits, it is best to just do upper body one day and lower body the other. It is pretty difficult to say what exactly you should do once you are in the gym, for every gym has its own equipment and stuff. But bench presses, dumb-bell rows and barbell curls are well know among the fitness community. Everything else, you should seriously do a little bit of online research.

Q: Should I Be Taking Any Drugs/Supplements And Why?

Answer: Most definitely! Proper eating is without question the most important thing you can do while training at the gym. But nutrition alone will not give you that much in terms of muscle-growth and recovery. This is particularly true if you are an underweight individual and/or are suffering from previous muscle injury. The ‘allowed’ supplements can include powered protein, creatine, Amino Acids (especially BCAA), nitrogen boosters, l-carnitine, caffeine and others. The only anabolic steroid that is actually any good is oxandrolone (trademarked Anavar). But this drug should only be taken if you doctor says it is OK, otherwise I would recommend it for a beginner.

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  1. Phil

    November 6, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    Good tips here for those just starting out in the gym.

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