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Frontier’s New UpFront Plus Seating Guarantees An Empty Middle Seat!



Frontier Airlines

The days of glamourous air travel are long gone, with airlines packing people into their planes like sardines, with barely any room to move around, and legroom at a premium.

But ultra-low fare carrier Frontier Airlines has a new offering that will make your next flight that much more comfortable. It’s called UpFront Plus, a new upgraded seating option with extra space and comfort in the first two rows of the aircraft. Customers in UpFront Plus will enjoy a window or aisle seat with extra legroom and a guaranteed empty middle seat, providing additional personal space and comfort at an exceptional value.

With nobody sitting in the middle seat, it allows you to spread out and not have to fight over who gets that other armrest. 🙂

Starting today, customers can upgrade to UpFront Plus seating for flights departing on or after April 10, 2024, by reserving seats on the Frontier mobile app or at As a special introductory offer, UpFront Plus seating upgrades will be available starting at only $49 per passenger, per flight segment for travel between April 10 and April 30, 2024, when purchased by March 20, 2024. Seats are limited and restrictions apply.

“Many consumers strongly prefer a seating option that offers extra space when flying,” said Barry Biffle, CEO, Frontier Airlines. “Frontier is all about choice and giving consumers the flexibility to customize their travel to suit their individual needs and preferences. UpFront Plus is a great option for those who want expanded personal space and extra comfort.”

Frontier UpFront Plus Seating

UpFront Plus will be one of four seat options available on Frontier flights:

  • UpFront Plus
    • Blocked middle seat: more elbow room
    • Extra legroom & comfort
    • Quick exit, with seats located in the first two rows of the aircraft
    • First to get inflight service
  • Premium
    • Extra legroom and comfort
  • Preferred
    • Quick exit, with seats located towards the front of the aircraft
  • Standard

“With the recent introduction of our new Biz Travel For Less program, UpFront Plus seating will also provide an affordable upgrade option for those traveling on business seeking additional space,” Biffle added.

For more information on Frontier’s new UpFront Plus seating, visit

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