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How Sex Dolls Can Spice Up Your Life



If your brain immediately goes to plastic, blow-up dolls every time someone mentions sex dolls, then you need a reality check. Sex dolls have come a long way from being a gimmick that we gifted each other for stag nights. Today, realistic sex dolls, much like some other high-tech sex toys like blowjob machines, can change not only the way you masturbate but also the way you see the world. 

But what makes sex dolls such amazing toys, you ask? Well, let’s take a look, shall we?

No More Dry Spells

One of the main benefits of sex dolls is that the doll will never say no to you. Now, we don’t mean this in a creepy way. What we mean is that from time to time, all of us hit a dry spell. Sometimes our pickup lines don’t work, the dating apps dry out, or our partners aren’t interested in sex. These dry spells are often short, but sometimes, thanks to the entire world shutting down due to the Coronavirus, they can be really long. 

In times like those, it’s kind of vital to have an alternative to sex. And, sure, all of us have a reliable option right there at the end of our arms. However, there are only so many five–finger shuffles we can play with ourselves before that gets boring. 

Hence, realistic sex dolls. They are as far on the other end of the realism specter from your right hand as possible. 

Boost Your Performance

They say that practice makes perfect. And, you know what? They are right. The only way you can become an expert in sex (if there even is such a thing) is by practicing, trying out new things, and experimenting. 

A realistic sex doll is a great toy that can help us boost our performance. When we have a doll, we can practice a specific position or practice the entire play session as many times as we like. 

Practice comes with a lot of failures. With a sex doll, we don’t really have to worry about anyone else witnessing our most intimate of defeats. Instead, we can just practice and then go out into the wild to show others everything we learned.

And Your Stamina

One of the best things about owning a sex doll is that she won’t care how long you last. Even if you’re a ten-second man, she will look (and sometimes sound) as pleased as Punch. 

However, if you are a ten-second man and would like to change that, practicing with a sex doll is an excellent solution. A realistic doll looks just like a real partner. And, thanks to new technology, she also sounds and feels real as well. So, shtupping a sex doll is as close to real sex as we can get (without actually having sex). Therefore, a sex doll is the best way for you to practice lasting longer in bed.

Stress Relief

We all know that wanking a quick one out is the best way to get rid of that extra stress we’re carrying on our shoulders. With a sex doll, you can take that stress relief to a whole new level. 

Thanks to your imagination, the sex doll can be anyone you want. So you can imagine a stranger hottie relieving some stress after a long, hard day, or you can make up a whole persona for your doll and have a familiar face (and honeypot) greet you at the end of the day.

Try Out That Thing You Like

Living in a sex-positive world is amazing because there’s so much information about weird and unusual sex stuff all around us. What’s more, it also means there’s a solution for everything. Do you like blowjobs but your partner really isn’t keen on them? Don’t worry; you can always get a replacement

If you’re curious and would like to try something out, you might have encountered the problem of not really finding suitable people to try the said stuff out with. The sex toy industry has a toy for everything and that’s especially appealing to all of us kinksters.

With a sex doll, you can finally have a willing partner who will try out fetishes and kinks with you. The best part about experimenting with a sex doll is that no one will judge you. It’s not like you have to ask for the doll’s consent to worship her feet or tie her up, right?

And That Thing No One Else Likes

Trying out things and experimenting in a judgment-free zone is vital for our sexual and general self-esteem. If we approach our partner with a new desire or a kink and get rejected or, worse, ridiculed, we’re more likely to internalize shame.

With a sex doll, not only will you not be judged, but you’ll also be welcomed with open arms no matter what your kink is. So even if you have some hard-core desires and fantasies, a sex doll will be the perfect experimenting companion.

And That Position That’s Hard on Your Partner

Modern sex dolls have come a long way since their blow-up predecessors. They now have full steel skeletons and are made of soft, skin and flesh-like materials. That means that they can be easily positioned in any way we see fit.

That opens up a whole world of possibilities for us. 

You know how some sex positions are so difficult they seem impossible unless one or both partners are Cirque du Soleil members? Well, with a sex doll, you’ll technically have a gymnast (and a contortionist) in your bed. That means that you’ll be able to try out all those crazy sex positions that require insane levels of flexibility and stamina. A sex doll can be placed in pretty much any position, and, of course, she can go all night. 

A Guilt-Free Threesome

If you find yourself thinking that you don’t need a sex doll because you have a partner, then think again. Of course, no one needs a sex doll. However, one (or more) can be a nice addition to the bedroom. 

If you have a partner that you like to experiment with, a sex doll probably won’t be unwanted company. In fact, a sex doll might be a perfect way for you and your partner to try out having a threesome. 

A lot of couples fantasize about inviting another person into their bedroom. However, while the fantasies are undoubtedly hot, there’s also the other side of the coin to think about. Inviting another person into the most intimate area of one’s life is a dangerous move. If the couple doesn’t have complete trust between them, things can turn sideways really easily (and we’re not talking about the sex position here). 

Often in threesomes, jealousy, enviousness, and resentment rear their ugly heads and ruin the entire threesome experience for everyone involved. With a sex doll, the chances of that happening are minuscule. Not only will you be able to have a jealousy-free threesome with a sex doll, but you’ll also have a guilt-free one. 

Overall, sex dolls have come a long way in the last couple of decades (from gimmicks to realistic, hot sex accessories). Owning one can help you boost your stamina, practice your game, try out new stuff, and generally enjoy yourself more. What’s not to love?

Trent Carter is looking to keep the tradition of T&A alive and well in today's politically correct world with his popular Thong Battle features, among other things. He also covers even racier topics on our sister site, which is definitely not safe for work!

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