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How To Get Laid On The First Night



Sex on the first night is rewarding, exciting and self-encouraging. It is the fastest reward a man can ever get from a woman both at a physical and psychological level. Not only that but that whole mystery about the new girl is exciting because you two barely know each other.

The truth is that very few guys are constantly successful at getting laid on the first night. Yeah, everyone can get lucky here and there, but bedding a new chick almost every time you go out is definitely not a common performance.

However, getting laid on the first night in general has little to do with luck, looking like a superstar, being rich or anything out of the ordinary. Actually, being a regular, non-threatening, non-creepy, non-player guy increases your odds significantly.

Obviously, no woman who is intimidated by your image will feel comfortable around you. And this will make it harder for you to build sexual attraction. Therefore, looking superior or too much as a challenge for her is surprisingly not beneficial for scoring on first encounter.

The essential aspect you need to work on if you want to get laid faster is to look like a decent man who is not desperate, nor only looking for sex and more importantly who seems harmless.

Of course, your attitude, body language, actions and conversational skills will speak in your name. But be careful with the details – women tend to make a big deal out of particulars.

Being cheerful and funny, smiling and laughing a lot may score you some important points.

Besides your own image, you also need to pay attention to the picture that she’s portraying. Naturally, the women who look cheerful, open-minded and quite daring are more likely to respond to your approach in a positive manner.

The way she’s dressed can also be an indication of how open or closed she is about her sexuality. Apart from the traditional clichés that a scantly dress girl has loose morals or that a true charmer knows no obstacles – the reality is that if you’re after one night stands or first night sex, you’ve got no time to lose with conservative mindset women.

In most of the cases, you can tell her type by the clothes she’s wearing and her body language.

Since we’re here, you need to know that the most significant part in building sexual tension is played by body language: yours and hers. That is the reason why flirting before approaching can crucially influence your scouting mission and hence, your final result.

Naturally, a woman who does not shrink back from maintaining eye contact or smiling back before approach and allows for or even initiates direct physical contact during your conversation is the one you want to go for.

When it comes to your body language, you need to show her that you are a sexually confident man. The way you look deep into her eyes and also your contemplative glances at her face, your genuine smile (not smirk), and, of course, the way you touch her are good ways to make her quiver.

Remember, these are only some general examples and you should always make use of your personal charm and adopt the attitude and body language signs that you believe are working best for you.

Obviously, you also have to move fast with her. Once you established minimal physical contact and created some sexual tension, you need to escalate to overtly touching her and as soon as the moment feels right shoot for the first kiss.

Beware that this is the crucial point when she will make her mind whether to go further or step back. The bad news is that you need to be a damn good kisser to impress her and to arouse her senses.

The good part is that if you’re above average, she’ll most likely grant you some other chances during the evening to prove you’re actually skilled and potent.

That being said, the manner in which you kiss her does make a difference for the end of the evening. Don’t be that guy who doesn’t get laid because he’s too shallow to advance on his kissing or physical escalation skills.

If you want frequent one night stands / first night sex, admit the importance of physical contact and perfect your methods and techniques.

In most of the situations, seducing her and building sexual attraction is not enough for getting laid that night. As dull as it may sound, you need to admit that logistics are also essential. (By logistics I’m talking about transportation, facilities or supplies that you need to take care of).

Although there are many ways you can get a girl from location A- the club to location B-your home, you need to stick by the practical and clever methods.  Remember this is first night sex, so most probably the girl does not trust you enough and is neither willing to make an obvious effort for getting sex.

A good alternative is to hook up with women close to your home simply because when your place is “right around that corner” most women will be more open to visiting you on the first night.

Still, if your neighborhood is not accommodating, you can always resort to a motel if you believe that’s worth it. Sex always comes with a price.

You can also show yourself more resourceful and invite her over to a restaurant / bar in your vicinity and then get her over to your place easier. This is also a good solution to surpass the typical barrier “I barely know you…I can’t go home with you”.

Firstly inviting her over to another public place (perhaps more intimate) will raise her trust level in you as she’ll be getting the impression that you’re already dating.

Secondly, once there – alone with you- she’ll be more vulnerable and also open to you. Women in general tend to be more reserved and moral with men when around their friends.

Overall, inviting her to a venue close to your home is a smart move that will definitely help you seal the deal and get laid on the first night.

Just make sure you play it smart.

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