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How To Pick-Up Women During The Day



Date at a coffee shop

Quite often I’ve got guys telling me that you can never find a decent girl if you always go out to club and bars – Constantly playing the night-game.

Sure, you can get laid a lot easier but “meaningful relationships” are less likely to spring from this. Although day game has never been my favorite, I did it quite a lot in the last few months for the sake of this argument and my general experience.

If you constantly meet women during the night, it’s quite evident that you’re going to meet a lot of girls that like to go out at night, thus wasting the opportunity to bang hot chicks that don’t frequent night venues. So, in this experiment I was hoping to meet a lot of these other girls. In reality, day-game will bring you both types of chicks probably in the same proportion, as any girl will walk down the street or go into a coffee shop at some point in their week.

However, in comparison to night-game where the proportion of “fun” girls is much higher, day game offers a larger variety of different type of not-so-outgoing chicks. As far as “meaningful relationships” go, it’s hard to say because if you’re a guy that likes to have fun (going out etc) and get a girl that doesn’t…who knows if that relationship will work so, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Apart from this, I’ve found, like all other guys that have tried day-game, that picking-up chicks on the street, park etc is much harder than picking them up in a daytime venue such as a coffee house, mall etc. So, if you want to give day-game a try, this article is here to show you some very easy steps to pick-up chicks in a daytime venue.

Step 1. Find the most crowded venue around you – this includes busy coffee houses, busy food courts in malls and even busy libraries (not so much a venue but great nonetheless).

Why do you want it to be busy? Well this gives you the perfect opener if all the tables are taken. Go up to the lonely hot chick and ask her if you can share her table. If you can’t find such a crowded place, try sitting somewhere towards the exit so everyone that leaves passes by your table.

Step 2. Have at least 1 conversational piece. Regardless of what you’re there for (to work quietly on your laptop, to read a book – yeh right!) you need to have at least 1 conversational piece with you. See, books are great for this but something that shows your personality is even better. This can be something as simple as a picture on your laptop background of you bungee jumping or even a flyer for your “new business”…

Step 3. Have patience. Unlike clubs/bars where you go in and jump straight to the girls you like, daytime venues may require some waiting until the right moment arises. I would say you can do around 2 approaches per hour if the venue is relatively busy which is far far less that the 10 or more an hour you can do in a club (depending on how well your game is).

Step 4. Neutral Openers For The Win – The key here is to start up a very neutral conversation with the chick by using a neutral opener. If you start asking personal questions she will immediately realize that “this guy is totally hitting on me” so a more nifty opener is to start talking about what she is going. If she is reading a book, ask about the book. If she is working on her laptop, ask about what she’s doing. Girls in daytime venues always have something to do, and that’s why such places are great for pick-ups because you can quickly talk about whatever it is that she’s doing.

So an example would be: “Excuse me, you seem really into [whatever she’s doing]. Is it [interesting/good]?”. Such a simple line will work almost always and it’s hassle free.

Step 5. Keep it neutral – To keep things going well, you need to keep the conversation neutral. If you opened with a question about her book but then quickly change to personal questions, again she will immediately realize that you’re hitting on her so it’s best to stick to that neutral thing for 2-5 minutes. You know your conversation is neutral because you can have it with you granddad without him looking at you weird. Make sure it’s non-sexual and that you DO NOT ask personal questions, let her do that.

Step 6.  Making the move to get out of neutral – You probably already realized that neutral chat won’t get you anywhere but it’s paramount that you start and keep the conversation going like that in the early stages. The most difficult part of daygame is the actual part in which you switch from neutral to personal. Now, in order to make this switch much easier you need to make her think that she is the one starting the personal questions.

In order for this to happen you need to plant little hints about your personal life that will intrigue her enough to ask you some extra questions. For example, if I’m talking to a girl about architecture (because she was drawing related stuff in the venue) I can say, “I saw some similar building in Vienna this summer.” If she’s curios she’ll make some comments about your travel but if she’s interested in you she’ll ask you about it directly. It can take anywhere from 1 to 4 of these little hints until the girl finally makes the move.

Step 7. Making the switch – After she has asked you the first personal question, which can be anything simple, you already have enough to get a number. Keep the conversation personal and start being more genuinely interested in her existence, this is similar to what you do during the night however you can’t be cocky. Girls can’t take cockiness during the day so you need to keep it playful and funny without teasing or insulting her.

Step 8. Closing with the number – If you’re doing good with all this personal talk it’s obvious that time has come to get her number. Sure, sometimes sex can happen during the day but let’s face it, changes of that actually happening are probably less than 1%. So, an easy way to do this is to ask her where she likes to hang out and then ask if she wants to go there with you for a drink. Girls are also less cocky and fussy at this time of day so if you got this far, you’re going to get the number.

Be aware that the more you talk with the chick the higher your chances of seeing her again. It’s true that you can get a number in less than 5 minutes but in order to actually see that girl again you’ll need 15 or more minutes of gaming, just enough to make a lasting impression.

Finally, when day-gaming it’s much better to leave early with a number, as opposed to night game where you stick with the chick until you drop the one night stand.

So, in conclusion, day-game is not that hard if you know how to play it. Remember, a crowded venue, neutral conversation followed by small hints towards you personal life and a non-cocky attitude will quickly get a hot chicks’ number during the day.

Alex Matlock is an expert in dating and woman psychology. Apart from working on his PHD in Social Psychology and writing for Guys Gab, he also owns - a place where the "dating" mindset is thrown out the window in favor of more direct (and fruitful) methods of meeting and seducing women.

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1 Comment

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    October 16, 2012 at 10:15 am

    I am going to try this hopefully it will work

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