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How You Can Spice Up Your Sex Life



A healthy sex life benefits you both mentally and physically. It can make you more confident, happier, and help you to feel fulfilled. Unfortunately because of the pandemic, many peoples’ sex lives have stagnated, with people locked down in their homes for nearly a year, unable to go out and meet new people. Now, with lockdowns gradually being drawn back, peoples’ sex lives can restart. Of course, it’s important that you exercise safety when jumping back into casual sex, as STDs haven’t gone anywhere.

In this article, you will find out some tips for spicing up your sex life:

VR Porn

If you’re still not sold on the idea of going out and meeting new people, there is an alternative. VR, which is short for virtual reality, opens a lot of doors to people who want interactive sexual experiences, without seeing another person. You can find interactive, high-quality VR adult videos that you can use in combination with a sex toy. Alternatively, you can just masturbate. These videos are very immersive. You don’t necessarily need a VR device to use them, but it is recommended, as a computer doesn’t provide a full, engaging experience.

Dating Sites

Dating sites are a great way to meet new people and have casual sex. With people allowed to meet up again, dating apps and sites like Tinder and Bumble have seen a massive boost in popularity. On them, you can meet singles who are interested in meeting new people for brief, casual encounters. You can also find people looking for long-term relationships if that appeals to you. Dating sites should be used carefully. Make sure to vet, investigate, and know who you’re meeting before you agree to meet anyone. While instances of violence are rare, they can happen.


A lot of people find threesomes to be a great way to spice up their sex lives, particularly if they’re bisexual. A threesome with members of the same and opposite sex can be a very exciting experience, especially if you’ve never participated in one before. You can ask a friend, love interest, or former partner if they would be interested in participating with you. Alternatively, you can browse online forums and chat rooms, to see if you can find other people who would be interested in it. Make sure to research the people that you’re meeting beforehand, as you would with a dating site.

Sex Toys

We mentioned in the VR porn paragraph, that sex toys can be a lot of fun. This is true, with or without VR devices. You can use sex toys with a partner also. This gives you the opportunity to practice mutual masturbation or to incorporate sex toys, such as anal plugs, into your sexual encounters. There are lots of different sex toys available on the market, including many you can use alone at home like a sex doll. They give you a great opportunity to try things that you otherwise might not or might not feel comfortable trying with an actual person.


If you have a partner, you could practice roleplay. Roleplay is a lot of fun, even if you don’t take it seriously (which a lot of people struggle to do). One of the most entertaining types of roleplay is a faux affair, wherein your partner approaches you at a restaurant or bar and pretends to pick you up. Faux affairs can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re new to roleplay. You could also try out submissive roleplay, which is very entertaining. There are lots of tutorials and guides online that will present different types of roleplay for you to try.

Sex Positions

Trying new positions is something most sex experts recommend, particularly if you have a partner. It’s often the case that peoples’ sex lives stagnate after they commit to long-term relationships. After many years with the same person, the spark can fade. Trying new sex positions with your partner can reinvigorate and refresh your relationship. There are lots of websites that list different sex positions and tell you how to perform them available online. You can always consult written materials also, like the Kama Sutra, which is a very informative book.

Compile Fantasies

Writing down a list of all of your fantasies, then showing them to your partner and asking them to try them with you is a good idea. Living out your fantasies can be a fantastic way to refresh your sex life. Don’t force your partner into participating, however. Immediately throw out any ideas that they’re not comfortable with.

Spicing up your sex life doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, with this article, it’s never been easier. Be sure to give each point some thought, so that you can refresh and restart your stagnant sex life.

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