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Inviting A Date To Your Place: A Few Things To Make It Less Tense



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The toughest thing for a man, when we invite someone that we are interested in over to our place is what they’re going to think about us! Do they think we’re trying to get into their pants, or will they think we’re trying to get to know them better? Whether you are inviting a member of the opposite sex or anyone you’re interested in, it’s important to have some form of etiquette so you are making it a bit more formal and friendly first of all. Let’s show you a few things to consider just to make sure that you are elevating the atmosphere, but also to make sure you are showcasing the real side of yourself. 

Dress Up The Place

The toughest thing about doing this is that you don’t want to come across as all slovenly when this is your default setting. You need to make sure that your home is ready for a visitor. It may sound obvious, but you need to clean up first and foremost! Because if you are not used to tidying up, if you really want to give a good impression, you have got to remember that cleanliness is next to godliness! 

If you want them to come back in the future, you need to know what it really takes to make a place spotless. The fact is that for some people, a dirty apartment or home is the biggest turn-off of all! But after that, you need to remember you’re playing host. So think about what it takes to make it a bit more of an occasion. Rather than opting for mismatched wine glasses that only communicate that you don’t have much money, think about bringing the best cocktail glasses and an array of drinks. It may be a bit of an expense, but a drinks cabinet in your own place screams luxury, and the best thing is that you can add to your drinks cabinets over time, which adds an air of sophistication to proceedings. 

Where Should You Congregate?

You may want to bring them into the living room because this is the only place where there is enough space for you to converse, but you’ve got to be aware that if you are sitting on the couch, this is where awkward body language can come into play. Both of you sitting at opposite ends of the couch can certainly increase that sexual tension, but it can also be a big switch-off for both of you. 

The best thing you can do is to remember that you invited them over, so there is that possible tension in the air. What you need to do is make the environment incredibly relaxing for them. Rather than just sitting down on the couch, perhaps get a table set up, with a few nibbles and drinks to bridge the gap between going for a date in public and that intimacy the couch provides. That way, if you’ve got a table with some food and drinks, you can keep it somewhat formal, but you can gauge the environment a bit better, so you may be able to move over to the couch. That way you can play it safe and be on your best behavior. 

When it comes to manners, you still need to remember at this point you are being judged. They want to make sure that you are worth the effort, and this means that inviting them into your domain is the biggest litmus test of all. They want to see what you’re like in your natural environment, which means that they want to see how relaxed you are, but you’ve also got to remember you shouldn’t make the effort to hide everything. You have your own interests, and you might very well be feeling like you want to seal the deal, so this means you may want to hide the hints of immaturity, such as your video games. But the fact is that the reality of the situation is somewhere in between. Ensure that you are able to relax and be yourself, but make sure you do it without consuming excessive beverages beforehand!

Should You Cook A Meal Or Not?

If you invite someone over for an evening together, it allows them to see you in your natural domain, but you also want to impress. Of course, you might not be great at cooking, but this is the perfect opportunity to learn! Rather than thinking that you can just get away with a few drinks and nibbles, the best thing you can do is to make them feel like they will be waited on throughout the evening. 

Them coming to you for a meal and you checking on the food helps to get that balance right because you can go to the kitchen, breaking up the tension (or lack thereof), but also ensure that you have the opportunity to take stock of the situation, and you can come back with a new topic of conversation, or a renewed sense of enthusiasm. 

It’s so difficult to get right, but the fact is that you invited them to you and they’ve said “yes” means that they are interested in you, and they trust you to the point that they are willing to come to you. This is why you’ve got to work hard to make them feel at home, and even if you don’t have that confidence, a conversation over something like a meal is that perfect buffer and gives you something to talk about. Of course, it can help you to have a few items of conversation up your sleeve to keep the conversation going. Even if you are someone that’s pretty shy, the YouTube channel Charisma on Command is a great little resource to keep you going! 

Needless to say, if you invite someone over to your place and they have said “yes,” this is the biggest test of all. You need to remember to be you, but you’ve also got to be on your best behavior.

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