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‘Lie Swatter’ Smacks Into Apple App Store



Lie Swatter

Jellyvision Games, creators of You Don’t Know Jack, are back with their next game for the mobile platform: Lie Swatter. Lie Swatter is an irreverent multiplayer trivia game that asks, “Can you separate strange fiction from stranger fact?”

“Lie Swatter is the further evolution, or devolution, of our brand of twisted trivia, and another chance to prove to your friends that they’re dumber than you are. Plus you get to squish bugs. Deceitful, lying bugs.” said Mike Bilder, General Manager of Jellyvision Games. “We’ve built Lie Swatter from the ground up as a quick, turn–based mobile gaming experience that we think both YDKJ fans and insectophobes alike will love.”

Lie Swatter is a free-to-play, turn-based mobile trivia game. Players may find opposing players via Facebook Connect, email, and username, or play a random unsuspecting foe if they prefer.

In each of the three rounds, players pick a category and are presented with seven statements… and then the swatting begins. Players find and crush ridiculous lies with a satisfying splat, while avoiding odd truths like “Christmas trees kill an average of 13 people a year.” Not feeling confident? Jellyvision Games has you covered with Category Zappers and Helpers, available for purchase with in-game tokens. And don’t worry, Jellyvision Games won’t judge you for artificially enhancing your performance.

The game is available for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch), with a future Android release planned.

To download Lie Swatter, visit

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