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BBQ With Friends

Weekends spent without a girlfriend don’t have to mean sitting home alone eating pizza and bemoaning your life choices. It’s supposed to be a celebration. So if you find yourself alone this spring, don’t be mopey. Just gather a group of friends and have a guy’s night to celebrate the fact you’re not one of those poor schmucks emptying their wallet for a girlfriend who might just end up a distant memory anyway. Below are ideas for making a celebration of your bachelor-hood with your buddies.

Back to Camp

Being unattached, you can take a camping trip with your friends without getting a guilt trip from the old lady. Take advantage of your freedom and plan a camping adventure with your friends. Use the money you would have spent on a fancy dinner and expensive gift and buy a set of ATV tires. When you’re off-roading, you can laugh at the guys stuck watching rom-coms and buying flowers. Without the ball-and-chain you can make every weekend a guy’s weekend and enjoy the great outdoors with your friends. Even better– being your smartphones and make an epic documentary series that bring you enough memories to make you laugh for years to come.

Up in Your Grill

This spring, avoid overpriced pretension and focus on the food. Throwing a barbecue with some pals is easy, fun and delicious. Get the biggest cut of meat you can find and ask your friends to bring sides (that includes beer). Embrace your inner carnivore and chow down with some good eats.


Men love their tools almost as much as they love women. The willingness to work with our hands is one of the things that set us apart from the fairer gender. If there’s a project you’ve been meaning to do and it gives you a reason to buy some of the tools you’ve been wanting, gather some friends to come help with construction. Whether it’s fixing the door that sticks or putting up drywall, having some extra hands can help and provide some company— and a 30 pack of beer doesn’t hurt either.

Ride the Ponies

Whether gambling is your thing or not, it is a great way to indulge in the most manly past times — go to the racetrack or off-track betting site. Find some other folks who’d like to gamble (you will probably lose, but you should keep positive) and bet on the ponies. Do some research beforehand to learn the basics and bring some money to wager. Horse races are much more fun when you have the chance of cashing in.

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