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Review: Grace Digital GDI-IR2550P Wi-Fi Internet Radio



Pandora’s not just for your computer anymore! The new Grace Digital Wi-Fi Internet Radio is the 1st Internet radio to allow complete control of your Pandora stations directly from the front of the radio, the remote control, or through their free iPhone remote control app.

The Grace Wi-Fi Internet Radio is an all in one advanced tabletop radio. Listen to thousands of free Internet radio stations, podcast and on demand content, with no computer needed! It works with any wireless 802.11b/g/n wireless router Internet connection, WEP, WPA 1&2 compatible, and operates as a standalone Internet radio.

The rear ported speakers give the Wi-Fi Internet Radio full dynamic sound, with crisp highs and deep lows to keep your friends and family entertained. As an audiophile who just can’t get enough power, I decided to hook up the Grace to my 5.1 surround sound system.

It really sounds amazing!

There’s a lot to love about this radio.. You can listen to over 50,000 radio stations, podcasts, and on-demand content. In addition, the Wi-Fi Internet Radio also supports online music services like Pandora, Live365, and Sirius Internet Radio (subscription required).

The interface is pretty intuitive, but be sure to read the instruction manual completely! You can listen to your existing Pandora stations through your radio, but you first need to create a (free) Reciva account and then pair your Pandora account with your Wi-Fi Internet Radio. That’s one of those tidbits that you’d miss if you don’t read the instructions. 🙂

The Grace Digital GDI-IR2550P Wi-Fi Internet Radio retails for $169.99, but you can buy it from Amazon for only $115.96!

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