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Spice Up Your Sexual Relationship With Perfect Fit Adult Toys



Spice Up Your Sexual Relationship

Every romantic relationship deserves a fantastic sex life, but unfortunately things can get a little monotonous at times. While it is normal for couples to go through such issues, they must keep an open mind and roll up their romantic selves!

One such solution is the wide range of Perfect Fit Brand adult toys, which are ideally suited to re-ignite love and desire! Perfect Fit features a wide range of well-designed adult toys that will set your bedroom on fire. Hence, let’s look at some of the finest adult toys from the brand that will take your sex life to a whole different level.

Armour Tug Lock:

When it comes to enhancing your sexual experience, nothing can beat the Armour Tug Lock. This toy might look daunting to some people at first glance, but once you start using it, there’s no going back!

The toy is available in two different colors, namely clear and black. Available in a ring size 1.7″, the Armour Tug Lock gets a 5.5″ plug circumference. Anyone can use it for their solo adventures or with their partner, thanks to its seamless application.

The Bumper:

Need to spice up your sexual life? Then the Bumper is what you need to cushion the deep thrust during intercourse and enjoy more passionate sex without any restraint. This toy comes with two different parts: the Thrust Buffer and the Donut Buffer. You can use them either independently or together, creating a protective and thick cushion for times when the thrust gets deep.

The basic working principle of The Bumper is that it acts as a cushion between you and your partner to absorb the impact of bumping together and delivering the sensation of maximum depth for the penis.


Strap-ons are one of the most commonly used sex toys by adults from different regions. The patented design strap-ons by the Perfect Fit come with a pull-on molded base plate which is the first of its kind. The molded base is designed for the curves of your body, so it will undoubtedly fit like your favorite pair of shoes.

The toy is here to ensure you a whole different level of comfort and performance, all thanks to the ability to transfer pressure from rigorous pounding to the pelvis instead of exerting pressure on the genitals. The best thing about these strap-ons is that the dong and the molded base plate come in a single piece, so there is no need to guide the dong externally when making love.

Cock Rings:

Any sport you can think of has some type of specialized gear to help the athlete enhance their performance. This is what cock rings are designed to do as well. Using a cock ring when making love translates to optimum performance with optimum pleasure. The unique high performance cock rings designed by Perfect Fit are the finest example of innovation and quality.

There are different cock rings available, including the Cruiser Ring, Speed Shaft, Cock & Ball, and more. Furthermore, you can even use the Cock Armour cock ring with the Armour Tug Lock for deriving optimum pleasure. However, if you are new to using penis rings or cock rings, starting the Play Zone Kit-9 and getting used to the feeling is recommended.

Ball Stimulation:

When speaking of sex, one hardly thinks of ways to pleasure their balls. But thanks to Perfect Fit because they did think of it and came up with this fantastic product called the Bull Bag. This is a revolutionary product that will indulge your balls in sex in a whole different way that was not even imagined by anyone before. The Bull Bag will add a soft, pliable, weighty, and stretchy sack around your balls, which helps get the balls more involved with the intercourse.

The Perfect Fit has taken this to a whole new level by adding a three-speed vibrating bullet to the Bull Bag Buzz. This bullet delivers a subtle vibration on the balls, making it a super exciting concept, especially when you push up against her. This is a newfound pleasure that every man should experience as it adds a whole new dimension to the pleasure derived from intercourse.

In Conclusion

The world around us is changing at a breakneck pace, and it has been observed that people are now more open about their sex life than before. This has got people discussing these new and innovative ways to use adult toys and enhance their intercourse pleasure in the safest way possible.

Also, sex toys for her or him are no longer limited to solo fun; instead, a couple can use these toys together to enhance intimacy and, most importantly, their sexual experience. Therefore, make sure to check out the products mentioned above from Perfect Fit and go nuts!

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