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Swann Launches New Four Rotor, Easy to Fly RC Helicopter-Quad Starship



Swann Quad Starship

Just in time for the holiday season, Swann has announced the release of its Quad Starship. Swann’s new Quad Starship looks like something from a space movie, but it’s here, it’s real, and it will boldly take you into a new out-of-this-world dimension this Christmas.

The Quad Starship is equipped with Swann’s Easy Fly Gyro technology which includes 4 axis and propellers. With this design it makes for easy multi-direction maneuverability and simple control. The four rotors mean it can move up, down, forwards, backwards, and sideways, as well as perform flips and stunt tumbles.

The compact and powerful Swann 2.4GHz control is capable of transmitting a signal up to 330 feet away. The Swann Quad Starship is simple to set up and easy to charge. Simply add four alkaline AA batteries to the remote control, and then charge the chopper using the USB cable included. Once charged, you’re up and away with 8 minutes of aerial flying time per charge. The Swann Quad Starship ’s lightweight and durable construction is built for indoor flying in any direction.

“It’s impossible not to have fun with the Swann Quad Starship. The Easy-Fly Gyro technology will help to self-stabilize the flight level and maintain control. With some practice you will be performing death-defying turns, dives, flips, tumbles and stunts in no time,” says Jeremy Stewart, Vice President, Marketing of Swann.

The Quad Starship is available at Amazon, Fry’s, Tiger Direct and B&H stores nationwide for $79.99.

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