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They Look Like Stylish Dress Shoes, But They’re Actually Sneakers In Disguise



NobleSole Dress Shoe Sneakers

Back when I worked in the corporate world, I had to wear dress shoes everyday, and I freaking hated it! But I liked getting a steady paycheck, so I conformed to the dress code like a good worker bee, despite the pain they caused my poor feet. If only NobleSole had been around then.

NobleSole is a shoe company that makes luxurious leather sneakers. Yes, those may look like regular dress shoes, but they’re really sneakers in disguise, blurring the lines between convention and expression in order to create comfortable yet versatile shoes that can be worn for both business and pleasure.

Talk about a genius idea!

NobleSole Dress Shoe Sneakers

As you can see in these photos, NobleSole’s ingenuous shoes pair a traditional leather upper with a sneaker-like sole that’s way more comfortable than the rigid, uncomfortable sole that you typically find on a traditional dress shoe.

When I’m traveling for work, I need to travel with two pairs of shoes – A comfortable pair of sneakers to wear to the airport, and a separate pair of dress shoes packed in my roller bag for meetings and such. It’s a huge pain, and it takes up a ton of space in my suitcase. With these dress shoe sneakers, I can wear a single pair for my entire trip, freeing up some much-needed room in my suitcase!

Dressy sneakers that are great looking, multi-purpose, super comfortable and of the upmost quality. Who says you can’t mix business and pleasure?

NobleSole Dress Shoe Sneakers

The NobleSole Sneakers come in a variety of styles including Oxford, Wingtip, Loafer, and Monk Strap, with pricing starting at $169. So what do you say? If you’re someone who’s forced to wear dress shoes for work, formal events, or other fancy occasions, you should definitely consider picking up a pair from NobleSole.

Trust me, your feet will be thanking you.

You can learn more about NobleSole at

NobleSole Dress Shoe Sneakers

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