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Why Every Guy Should Take A Week And Live Off The Land In The Woods




You’re walking through the dense forest. Since it’s going to be getting dark soon, you make your way back to the cabin to start a fire. You kick back, relax and enjoy the feeling that only the woods can bring. You’ve gotten away from reality for a week in the woods. And you love it.

If you have ever fantasized about escaping the stresses and pressures of modern society, or you simply love nature, you may want to strongly consider spending a week in the woods. The only difficult thing about setting it up is getting the time off from work.

But what changes after that week? What positives do you get from the experience?

You Get Smarter

Any new experience you have will give you knowledge. Whether it is the knowledge of always bringing an umbrella everywhere you go, or to not trust the gossipers at work, every experience can give you knowledge. The knowledge you’ll gain from living in the woods for a week is staggering.

One of the things you’ll learn is how to build a fire. Although you might be using a fireplace and gasoline, you do have the opportunity to get it started the old-fashioned way. If you’re staying in a cabin, the level of knowledge you’ll gain is really up to you. How much do you want to really “rough it?” The more you “rough it,” the more you’ll learn.

You Get a Different Perspective on Life

Have you ever had an experience that changed your outlook on a situation? An experience where you realized that life doesn’t have to be a mundane existence? If not, spending a week in the woods gives you a greater opportunity to delve into your perspectives.

Are you having problems with your wife? Is the stress of your job and bills weighing down on you? While in the woods, you get to see that there’s an entire world out there that gets pushed to the wayside. An entire ecosystem you may never have known existed.

When you go to the woods, you realize there’s more to this planet than sports and technology.

You Realize the Importance of Community

Friends are an important part of life. While being able to take care of yourself and your responsibilities is crucial to life, you need someone to help you when life gets tough. When you fall down, you need a hand to help pick you back up.

While in the woods, staying there with friends helps add a sense of teamwork between you. Since you’re reliant on getting food (if you’re really roughing it), hunting for food with friends and family can help bring you closer together. Even if you don’t go that far and it’s something as simple as communicating more, it can do wonders for your friendship.

You Relax

Relaxing may not be in your vocabulary. For many people, stress is the number one thing on their minds. According to a study conducted in 2011, 44% of Americans felt they were under moderate or severe stress over the last five years. That’s almost 137 million people who are feeling elevated levels of stress. The word “relax” probably isn’t in their vocabulary, either.

To counteract this, getting away and unplugging from the world in a cabin is one of the best options. When you go to the woods, try to use your cell phone for emergencies only. Don’t let the modern world influence and bear down on you. Instead, focus on the company you have and the exquisite nature that surrounds you.

If you free yourself of technology, you’ll have a better appreciation for the woods and the wondrous effects it can have on you.

If you can take some time off work, you really should consider taking a trip to a cabin in the woods. Not only will you have the chance to learn some practical skills, but you will also learn a lot about another important thing: Yourself.

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