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You’re Going To Want These Two Guys To Be A Part Of Your Nightlife Posse



Meet two guys who you’re definitely going to want to be a part of your nightlife posse: The One Man Gang and The Baron. Dewar’s has filmed a tribute to these classic personality types, each of which are embodied in the powerful yet refined taste of Dewar’s Scotch Whiskey.

Ever know someone who had the bulk and the brawn to be the ultimate enforcer, but behaved like a gentle giant because he knew that senseless violence wasn’t the answer? The man’s class and finesse commanded respect, so no one tried anything funny? Then you’ve been in the presence of a One Man Gang.

The Baron is a friend who’s always willing to take one for the team. He’s the world’s greatest wingman, who’s always looking out for your best interest, especially when you don’t even realize it. If you have a friend that’s willing to ruin his night just to bail you out of a sticky situation, you know The Baron.

Trent Carter is looking to keep the tradition of T&A alive and well in today's politically correct world with his popular Thong Battle features, among other things. He also covers even racier topics on our sister site, which is definitely not safe for work!

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