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2025 Cadillac OPTIQ Is The Luxury Brand’s New Entry-Level EV Crossover



2025 Cadillac OPTIQ

Feast your eyes on the 2025 Cadillac OPTIQ, the fourth vehicle to join the luxury brand’s ever expanding global electric vehicle portfolio, which includes the CELESTIQ, LYRIC, and Escalade IQ. Unveiled today, OPTIQ will act as the entry point for Cadillac’s EV lineup in North America, slotting in below LYRIQ as a luxury compact SUV.

While Cadillac hasn’t provided any additional details, features or pricing (all to be announced next year), they promise that the OPTIQ will combine “spirited driving dynamics” with global appeal. It’s a rather good-looking vehicle, similar to the Cadillac XT5. If I had to guess, I’d bet it shares the underpinnings with the Chevy Blazer EV, and that’s not a bad thing.

2025 Cadillac OPTIQ

Given that it’s slotted below the LYRIQ, that means pricing should come in at considerably less than the LYRIQ’s $57,195 starting price. Priced right, with good range and features, the OPTIQ could offer the Tesla Model Y some healthy competition. We’ll definitely be curious to learn more in the coming months, so stay tuned!

What do you think of the all-electric Cadillac OPTIQ?

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