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4 NFL Teams Checking All The Boxes As Betting Favorites Right Now



New York Jets - MetLife Stadium

The 2021 NFL season is well underway and already football fans around the land have gotten a taste of what they can expect moving forward throughout the year and into 2022. With 7 weeks of the regular season schedule already behind us, NFL stats pundits have already taken notice of a small group of teams around the league that are covering all the bases to be considered early on favorites for a substantial and meaningful postseason run as well as betting odds favorites week in and week out.

While Tom Brady’s Buccaneers are looking as good as ever, proving to everyone around that they’re here to run their Super Bowl title efforts once more like last season, and Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs are still being taken as perennial favorites in the AFC, even after their rocky start to the season, both teams still hold their grounds strongly as two of the top favorite teams in the NFL for betting purposes. But for now, let’s focus on four other teams, 2 from the AFC and 2 from the NFC that are lighting up the league every game and giving football betting fans a plethora of reasons to rejoice.

AFC: Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills, led by QB sensation Josh Allen, are proving to everyone around that they are more than ready to become the new team in the AFC to run the conference. If you take a look at Buffalo’s roster, you’ll automatically notice how stacked they are in all units of the team. Their coaching staff can easily be considered one of the best in the league and it seems like nobody honestly has the slightest idea of how to stop them on their path of dominance and great football.

After losing their week 1 opener against the Steelers, the Bills didn’t look back and took down every opponent that faced them, including the Kansas City Chiefs and Washington Football Team only to be stopped along the way in their last game by Derrick Henry’s monstrous running game with the Tennessee Titans. That still, doesn’t seem to unface the Bills, who still look like a team ready and set for a Super Bowl run this year. Their offense is elite, their defense is premier, their running game has been elevated and their schedule basically clears their run up until a clash against Tampa Bay in Week 14. If you’re a football betting fan and are looking for a team that will always put up a ton of points on the board and cover, the Bills are your choice.

NFC: Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys can thank the football Gods above that Dak Prescott came back from last year’s season-ending injury ready to fire on all cylinders and with a massive chip on his shoulder. Prescott has been back in full form and the Cowboys have been riding off his poise and determination to show the league that he truly is an elite QB to sail into an almost perfect season. Yes, they lost their first game of the season, but it was against Brady’s Bucs and they put on one of the most valiant losing efforts that we’ve seen in some time now.

Dallas’ offense is playing at an almost unfair level, but it’s their defense, led by rookie Micah Parsons and a secondary by CB all-star Trevon Diggs that can easily be taken as the reason for the Cowboys’ success this season. Their coaching staff, led by Mike McCarthy, who seems to finally get the idea of how to run this team, with Kellen Moore as OC and former Falcons coach Dan Quinn as DC seems like the perfect trio of football minds to rule over this team who is ready to make a deep postseason run. Dallas has steadily been a betting favorite as they have won almost every game they’ve played, they’ve covered in every game they’ve played and it seems like their winning ways will continue onwards without much hesitation.

AFC: Baltimore Ravens

There are still some moments where Baltimore still manages to baffle NFL experts as to how, even after injuries taking out some of their most important players, the Ravens have still managed to put on one of the best records in the league thus far. Then, after seeing Lamar Jackson do a usual Lamar Jackson in every game, it all falls back down to earth and you realize that this man is as good of a football player as ever and is the team leader that a team like Baltimore needs right now.

Their offense, led by Jackson, has become the main driving force behind this team’s success, with wins over potential playoff rivals like the Chiefs and Chargers already this season. The schedule for the Ravens is not as merciful as it is for other teams in contention, with all their division rivalry games still in line and games against the Packers and Rams at the end of the season, but if Jackson continues bringing his cheat-code style skills week in and week out, the Ravens will continue being a safe and attractive betting pick to go with.

NFC: Green Bay Packers

Why not go with the Cardinals or the Rams you may ask? Volatility. Those two teams, while carving out amazing seasons thus far, with Arizona being pitted as the best team in the NFL are sadly known for not having stability be one of their main weapons to work with. So, that leaves us with the clear option of Aaron Rodgers’ Packers. Be it that this could be Rodgers’ last season in Green Bay or not, it feels like the man is playing with a clear mission in his mind, to take Green Bay to the promised land once again before closing time and everything seems to be working out for him and his team just fine.

Yes, their schedule reads like a who’s who of potential threats with the Cardinals, Chiefs, Rams, Ravens, and Browns all in their future, but it’s Aaron Rodgers, so a slight advantage for Green Bay will always be had. On offense, the Packers are playing splendidly, especially when Rodgers and Aaron Jones sync up in perfect unison and on defense, Green Bay is holding up just fine even after various injury scares. For betting purposes, Green Bay will always be a good way to go, because if there is one man in the league that can make or break any game, it’s Aaron Rodgers.

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