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Our Picks For The Best Teams To Win Each Division This NFL Season



If there’s a common denominator in the world of sports, especially here in the US, its that once football season gets going, both college and NFL, almost all other matters take a backseat. All around the country, weekends are reserved for football time, with scores and odds platforms taking over most news feeds for all the diehard sports fans all around.

With the 2021 NFL season already in full swing, there’s no better time than right now to get to talking about which teams we see as favorites to take the crown of their respective divisions, all while hoping to extend their triumphant ways into a successful postseason run. So here are our picks for the best teams that could win their divisions in the 2021 NFL season.

AFC East: Buffalo Bills

If this was a couple of years ago, there would be absolutely no doubt that the favorites to take the AFC East crown would have been the New England Patriots, but, with Tom Brady now playing in Tampa Bay, the AFC East is Bills territory now. Yes, the Buffalo Bills are not only one of the best teams in their division and conference but in the league in general. With an explosive offense led by QB Josh Allen, a solid defensive unit and a division where no real threats are visible, take the Bills all the way to the AFC Championship game.

AFC West: Too Close To Call For Now, But Still Take The Chiefs

The AFC West has stepped up to be one of the toughest divisions in the league this season. With two undefeated teams, the Broncos and Raiders and a Chargers team who took down the Chiefs in Arrowhead, this division could end up going anywhere and everywhere. But, with that said, even though the Chiefs are not commanding the division, their championship pedigree as well as roster still helps them be favorites to take the AFC West in the long run, especially taking into account how long it will be until Denver and Las Vegas crumble under the pressure and Los Angeles falls into a rut. So take Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs

AFC North: Love the Ravens But Take The Browns

If you can count, then definitely do not count on the Steelers to be their usual AFC North dominating squad that we’ve grown accustomed to see. Pittsburgh looks like it’s officially on the last sliver of gas in their tank and with teams like the Ravens, Browns and even the Bengals looming around, it’s everyone’s fight but Pittsburgh’s. While the Bengals have shown true signs of promise behind Joe Burrow’s playing early in the season, this division will come down to who can grind out the better season between Baltimore and Cleveland. In the long run, given the power in both the offensive and defensive side of the ball though, the nod goes to the Browns. 

AFC South: Tennessee Titans

While nobody expected any real competition from the Texans or Jaguars, the Colts were pitted to be Tennessee’s main threat in the AFC South, but as of right now it seems like this division will be Tennessee’s to have, hold, win and dominate.

NFC East: Prescott and the Cowboys

For years the NFC East has been considered one of the worst, if not the worst division in all of the NFL, but after some much needed upgrades by almost all of the teams there, except for the Giants, the division has become better and better. With that said and with how the Cowboys have been playing, led by returning star QB Dak Prescott, this is Dallas’ division to win, pending what Washington’s defense can do to avoid it.

NFC West: LA Rams, aka The Best Team In The NFC

While the NFC East was usually considered at the bottom of competitive levels in the league, the NFC West on the other side has been considered as the NFL’s elite when it comes to competition levels. This season the division has not disappointed whatsoever with the Los Angeles Rams putting the whole league on blast, making sure everyone knows that they’re here and have true and strong Super Bowl pretentions in their minds. While the Niners and Cardinals have done very well so far and Seattle is trying to pick up the pace, this is LA’s division by far.

NFC North: Aaron Rodgers and The Packers

Chicago is more on their way towards imploding than exploding into the playoff contention scene. Detroit is doing things the only way they know, by grounding and pounding their way into positive results on the field. And while the Vikings have been doing some decent work, which helps them look like the only team that could give Green Bay a run for their money, there’s no question or doubt here, this division belongs once again to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. It seems fitting that what could very well be Rodgers’ last season with Green Bay ends up being yet another victorious one with one more divisional title to fall back on.

NFC South: Tom Brady’s Buccaneers

Yes, the Carolina Panthers are the undefeated team in this division, but let’s be honest here, outside of the Rams, there is no team stronger in the NFC than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While the division continues to struggle, with the Saints and Falcons out looking for all the answers to their issues as soon as possible and the Panthers just waiting for when their first loss will come, this is Bucs territory and it will continue that way until the end of the regular season.

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