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5 Reasons To Be Excited About The Super Bowl



The Super Bowl is one of the sporting highlights of the year and an occasion when even people who don’t normally watch football settle down to enjoy some action.

It’s a great opportunity for bettors too, as this game moves millions and there are tons of markets to choose from. Take a look at the current odds for the big game:

So, what are the key factors that make this a game that gets so many of us excited?

It’s Usually A Memorable Game

Big sporting events like finals and championship deciders are often disappointing affairs, as the tension of the occasion can affect the players. However, there have been plenty of memorable Super Bowl games over the years.

If we go back a year to Super Bowl LV, we saw the Tampa Bay Buccaneers carve out a terrific 31-9 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. While there were no particularly outstanding moments that stood out, it was still an exciting game that reminded us why we love the sport.

In terms of the most memorable Super Bowls, this list contains the likes of 2017’s Super Bowl LI and Super Bowl XLIX from 2015. Many of the best games have included amazing fightbacks or nail-biting finales where the result was hanging in the balance until the very end.

When we look at the most memorable moments, there have been late touchdowns, plays being stopped a yard short, amazing kicks, and miracle catches. You just never know when you are about to witness a truly unforgettable bit of action.

A Chance To See Legendary Players

The Super Bowl is all about the best football players doing their stuff, and this is often the setting for legendary players to cement their reputation. For example, the 2022 Super Bowl could see Tom Brady set yet more records, as he attempts to lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a second successive win in this game.

This could also be the opportunity for a relative newcomer to set themselves up as a future legend. An MVP performance or a blistering touchdown at an important stage of the Super Bowl can ensure that a player has a career highlight we’ll always remember them for. It’s why this is a game that all of the best players want to take part in.

Millions Of Us All Watch The Same Thing

These days, it’s unusual to think that we’re watching the same thing as millions of other people. With on-demand streaming becoming ever more popular, we all watch our favorite shows and movies whenever it suits us.

Yet, the Super Bowl is one of the few moments in the year when you can be completely sure that a huge percentage of the American population is watching exactly what you’re watching. The 2021 version of this showpiece game was watched on TV by over 96 million viewers, with the availability of internet streaming keeping levels lower than we have been used to.

The record TV audience for a Super Bowl was set in 2015, when more than 114 million people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl XLIX between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks.

The Half-Time Show

The half-time show is one of the highlights of this event for many people, as some of the entertainment world’s biggest stars keep us glued to the screen. This used to be the moment for university marching bands to take center stage, but everything changed when huge musical acts like New Kids on the Block, Prince, and Bruce Springsteen started to appear in it.

2022 sees a rap and R&B influence, with artists such as Snoop Dog, Eminem, and Dr Dre taking to the stage. Their performances should come just after 8pm ET. These half-time shows have been hugely successful in attracting more people to watch the Super Bowl, and this year looks like being no exception.

What was the most memorable half-time show to date?  People might mention Madonna’s 2012 show, while Prince’s 2007 performance also won him a lot of new fans. 2004 saw arguably the most controversial Super Bowl moment, with Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction grabbing headlines all over the planet.

The Food

The Super Bowl is one of the year’s best excuses for enjoying a great meal or some snacks. It’s been suggested that Super Bowl Sunday comes second only to Thanksgiving in terms of the amount of food we eat across the country.

Among the most popular snacks on this day are classics like chicken wings, chili, and pizza. However, plenty of adventurous football fans take the chance to try something completely different while watching this game.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to spend time with friends and family while enjoying some snacks and watching the biggest game of the year. Of course, the best thing about the Super Bowl is that everyone gets to enjoy it in the way that suits them best, so there’s no need to follow what others say and do if you want to make this a memorable occasion.

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