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Choosing Online Data Storage Over A Physical Backup



Most people keep their important documents just on their home computer, or at best a secondary hard-drive, but is that really the safest choice? With online storage becoming safer and safer, it is in many ways the more secure option now, especially if you are working with a large amount of sensitive information, such as for a personal business.

Home Computer Problems

It’s a basic fact that computers break more often than you feel they should. Even if you have a backup of your data, a little water or some malfunction can render it useless and make it difficult or even impossible for you to retrieve. Technology is not foolproof, and you must be prepared for that eventuality if and when something decides to stop working for no reason—or a very good reason, depending on where you set your coffee cup.

Even if your hardware is working, it could work against you if somebody else gets control. Malware can get access to your data and wreak havoc on your life if you download something you shouldn’t, and often you don’t even realize it’s there. If somebody gets their hands on your computer (either accessing it when you’re unaware or stealing it outright), they can take any information saved and use it to their advantage. Identity theft is a very real danger, and it’s important to take precautions against it.

Security At Storage Sites

Storage locations for online data sites are incredibly secure. First, before your data leaves you, it is encrypted, and the only person with the key to decrypt it is you. This both makes it very safe and very important that you remember the code, since with most data storage nobody else is given access to your information. This makes it so that even if someone managed to hack into the system (not likely, based on the work they put into protecting it), they would be unable to decrypt your information and gain access to your documents.

At the physical locations where the hard drives are stored, the company will have a high level of redundancy so that if anything goes wrong with any drives, there are others holding onto the same information. These areas also have protections against fire and natural disasters, as well as enough layers of security to ensure that nobody can get in or out without special access. Cameras, state-of-the-art and multi-level security programs, as well as armed guards protect your data.

How To Choose A Storage Site

There are many different storage site options out there, so you have a lot of choice. Make sure you find a company that meets your needs and that of your business if you own one. Try a free trial to get a feel for the features they have so you can see if it’s the right one for you. Look at how the encryption system works and what other added features they have, such as collaboration programs. Read about the security they use and find what feels comfortable for you. Finally, look at any and all costs to get the best features for your money.

Online storage data is a safe and smart bet for people with a lot of sensitive documentation that you need to have and keep secure. Whatever storage system you choose, ensure that your data is password-protected and kept away from prying eyes, and be aware of any situation which might compromise your security. With a little forethought, you can keep your and your customers’ data safe.

Dave Winters writes for a number of tech blogs.

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