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Dishonored Has A New Interactive Trailer!



It is no secret that we are very excited for the upcoming game Dishonored, and thankfully Bethesda and Arkane Studios are doing their best to keep us satiated with game play videos. This newest video is much cooler than most though, as it is an interactive adventure. You get to work your way through an early level by various means, but be warned, not all paths are safe.

We recommend playing in full screen with the volume turned way up. Now get your supernatural assassin groove on, and have fun kids.

Christian is the Technology and Gaming guru of Guys Gab, and he also happens to be damn great with auto coverage as well. Big dreams and big enthusiasm are great ways to describe Christian. As a writer he strives to bring concise information together with quick wit to create an enjoyable and informative experience for his audience. When not writing he can be found trying to complete his life goal of becoming a race car driving, astronaut, rock-star. Big dreams indeed.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Nosgoth1979

    October 6, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    That’s probably the coolest trailer I’ve ever seen! I just hope Dishonored will live up to the truckload of hype. Uunfortunately past experiences like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, have left me a bit skeptical. Nowadays I follow some advice I got from one of my coworkers at DISH: I don’t buy a game until AFTER I’ve rented it and had a chance to thoroughly play it. It’s saved me a lot of money just in the past six months or so. So with that in mind, Dishonored is already in my Blockbuster @Home queue, so I’ll get to play it soon; it won’t be on release day, but that’s okay, I’m still busy with Borderlands 2 anyway.

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