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Every Sign You’re A Good Driver



Everybody who passes the driving test wants to know that they are doing well on the road. There are so many articles out there about bad drivers and they’re bad driving habits, but there are very few articles out there about those who do drive and who do it well. You don’t have to look too far to find examples of bad drivers, but you change things up for this article, we thought we would talk about good drivers. 

People who are reckless on the road are not just reckless with their own lives but they are reckless with everybody else’s. They are reckless with the children crossing the streets, and the families getting into their cars. They are even reckless with the single people who are driving up and down just trying to go about their day. Sure, it’s nice to have a pedestrian accident lawyer handy if you are a driver, or even if you are a pedestrian, but nobody wants to have to get in a situation where they need one. Here are some of the signs that you are a really good driver, so that you can feel good about the fact that you are doing the right thing when you’re on the road.

  • Your car brakes smoothly. Your brake pedal is not something that you should be slamming onto, because every time you do your car is going to bark. A smooth and steady fit is the key to a smooth braking, and if you are doing that then your car is going to be in better condition, it also means you are a more cautious driver which is what pedestrians will thank you for being.
  • You’re not letting your car when you stop. When you start your car and you put your foot down on the pedal to go, your car should move off smoothly into traffic. If breaking and starting your car is making your passengers and your head lurch forward, the sudden launch is also going to make it fly backwards. Easing up on the pedals can prevent that, but if you’re not experiencing a mess, you are a good driver.
  • You give way. When necessary, you are giving away to people and allowing them in front of you and you know that they have the right of way in the first place. Being the kind of driver who knows this means that you are a considerate driver who will slow down and stop rather than somebody who will race through traffic just because you are in a rush. Always give that little wave, as well so that people know that you have been seen.
  • You indicate. Do we need to say more? So many people don’t know how to use the indicators properly, using left indicators to indicate they are turning left and right indicators to indicate they are turning right. It sounds super simple and straightforward, so you think more people would use it, right?
  • You can park your car confidently. Everybody can be forgiven for a slightly crooked car, but if you are parking within the lines and you are not holding other people up while you try to do it, and you are a fantastic driver who has every reason to have passed the test.
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