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Five Tips For Dealing With Bad News



No one likes receiving bad news. It’s something that no one is really immune to as life tends to throw its fair share of negativity at each and every one of us at times. Dealing with bad news is something that can vary depending on the person and how severe or impactful this news is.

While these tips might not work for everyone, they should hopefully provide some guidance on how to navigate bad news being delivered.

Accept the negative emotion and feelings

Emotions exist to be felt and bottling them up, hoping they’ll go away, is not the best approach when receiving bad news.

Chances are this bad news will bring up a mixture of emotions. For some, it might be anger, for others frustration, upset, sadness, and depression.

It’s important to accept whatever negative emotion you’re feeling and focus on these feelings in the moment. Take the time to give your body and mind what it needs, which is to vent or expel that emotion through crying or shouting.

Take a hold of the situation

Once the emotions have been released initially, try to take hold of the situation as best you can. This might not be something that can be controlled physically but it can be held regardless. Find some semblance of stability so that you can move forward with a sense of direction.

Receiving bad news can mean a person will go back and forth between emotions and trying to take control. Allow yourself this back and forth.

Make plans of how to tackle any future obstacles

It’s useful to do a little planning when it boils down to what comes next. Let’s take a family illness for example. It might be that the family member is going to lose their memory over time. Dementia is a merciless killer that takes away the person mentally but not physically.

There may be many obstacles that come with an illness like this but a GPS dementia tracker can be one of those solutions that can help alleviate some of the stress and panic.

Be kind to yourself

Whether the news affects you personally or it’s impacting someone else, be kind to yourself. Regardless of who it’s affecting, it’s likely causing a lot of strain, tension, and stress on the body. It’s common for people to turn to unhealthy coping strategies. After all, both physically and mentally, bad news can be draining. But if you do that, you might need to book yourself into a drug rehab & alcohol addiction treatment center. With that in mind, take time to yourself to reflect and do things that serve as a helpful distraction from what’s going on.

Take stock of what you have

In life, it’s important to think about what you do have when it comes to receiving bad news. Whether it’s a loss of a family member or losing a job, there will always be things in life that you can value having. Seeing that light in the darkness can be what’s needed when navigating through this bad experience.

Dealing with bad news is something that impacts everyone differently. Use these tips to find some clarity and understanding of what you’re going through.

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