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Are There Interior Design Rules For Bringing Color Into Your Kitchen?



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There are in fact rules to redecorating your kitchen according to some old-fashioned interior designers, but the last few years have really tossed those rules out the window. Everything is up in the air. People are painting fridges and buying bathroom tiles for the kitchen backsplash. Lockdown had all of us looking for a change, and it’s easy to see why so many experimental ideas came out during the time of TikTok. We’re looking at all the rules that are now broken when it comes to kitchen and color.

The backsplash

When it comes to kitchen backsplash tiles, the rule used to be to stick to neutral, and usually, that meant white, with the occasional chance at blonde wood or more lately, faux brick.

People are tired of white. And it’s for the better. Who decided white in the most easily dirtied room was a smart idea? Nevertheless, people are going bold with their choice of tile colors, to the point that they might have been stolen from the bathroom tile section, which is also going through a color revolution. Crimson reds, deep dark jade, black and lots of other options are now on the table, allowing you to bring a pop of color to your home. There’s subway tile, mermaid tile, patterned tile, and everything in between. Use it as an accent color if you don’t want to rejuvenate the entire room, or match or contrast the room with it.

The cabinets

Did you feel the western world go through a collective moment of “Did you know you can paint cabinets?” too? Suddenly everyone was picking up a tin of bright furniture paint and the wooden cabinets felt like something straight out of the 70s. It wasn’t. Wood is timeless, but the addiction to color in the kitchen was so sudden and intense that everything felt dated in comparison.

And there are so many ways you can go with it, for an affordable price. With a lick of paint, you can go 50’s retro with pastel tones, go bold and modern with crimson or even black, or indulge in the muted tones that are everywhere right now, like forest or sage greens and navy blues.

But don’t forget to match your dining room. You can find some cheap dining room sets here that will fit in perfectly with your new colorful kitchen.

The fridge

The latest trend that has everyone reeling is a makeover of your refrigerator. No, not adding an ice machine or a smart screen for …some reason. Instead, people are painting, wallpapering, or vinyl covering their fridges to go with the rest of the room. It might have started with the 50’s kitchen trend of retro fridges that came in mint, pink, or blue pastels, but it has expanded into people covering their fridge with accent wallpaper flowers, funky 60’s swirls, or simple black to suit the rest of the décor in the room. It’s gotten so big that you can now buy fridge wraps or fridge skins to take some of the work out of it.

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