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Grow Your Game With Rogaine



Grow Your Game With Rogaine

Growing your game means making sure you have your bases covered in all areas of your life, and Rogaine and Men’s Health Magazine are working with 5 guys who are taking control of hair loss and unlocking their full potential. But full potential doesn’t stop at the hairline. Each guy is also working with 4 expert coaches and Bill Rancic, entrepreneur and longtime Rogaine Foam user, to round out their lives in more ways than one.

Video cameras follow Brandon (29), Kevin (33), Greg (31), Kenny (26), and Raz (31) on their meetings and updates with the coaches in a series of checks-in on each one on their progress and development.

You can watch the first barbershop check-in episode here:

Follow the guys and grab more tips from their coaches at

Rogaine has also launched a style & grooming sweepstakes that invites men to enter to win a custom style and grooming package that includes:

  • A Classic TUMI Leather Bag
  • A $500 Gift Card
  • A Men’s Health Grooming Awards gift back, jam-packed with the lasted grooming products

Enter at:

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