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Irritation-Free Mondays, Brought To You By Dove Men+Care



Dove Men+Care

Dove Men+Care‘s deodorant and antiperspirant line is tough on sweat, not on your skin. They’re designed for men to provide 48-hour odor and wetness protection, with a 1/4 moisturizer technology infused with Vitamin E that helps boost the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

This video shows how Dove Men+Care’s deodorant and antiperspirant is unique:

They’re available in five refreshing scents (Fresh Awake, Aqua Impact, Cool Silver, Clean Comfort, and Extra Fresh), and they all smell great. And there’s a Clinical Protection offering as well, which provides prescription strength protection against wetness for the extra sweaty guys out there..

I love the fact that it keeps working for 48 hours, and it doesn’t leave my underarms irritated either. So start every day on a fresh note and use Dove Men+Care!

Dove Men+Care Contest

Tell the anti-irritation experts at Dove Men+Care Deodorant what will make your Mondays irritation-free for a chance to win big. Visit to enter for a chance to win an incredible prize. How incredible? How about a traffic-free commute? A food truck bonanza? $5000 to be your own boss? Those prizes and more are up for grabs each week, so enter now!

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