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Guys! Here’s The Haircare Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed




There is a lot of emphasis on hair for the girls of the world, but what about for the gentlemen everywhere out there? Men want to have lustrous, thick hair as much as the girls out there and there’s a good reason men should want to have beautiful hair. Women may be the focus of most hair shampoo adverts, but men deserve to have thick hair that makes them feel confident and happy no matter what.

Men should be taking care of their hair as much as women do, as the more you pay attention to your hair, the more you can notice the stages of balding and any issues with gray hair coming through. Some men face hair loss because of other health issues, or they face dandruff and a dry scalp. Either way, guys have to look after their hair as much as possible to ensure that they feel good and their hair is healthy. Here are some of the hair care tips you didn’t know you needed!

  1. Use the right products. Guys, there is no excuse to use your shower wash as shampoo. You need to look at your current hair type and use products that work for that. You can buy shampoos free of sulfates and conditioners free of silicone and ensure that your hair is nourished.’
  2. Avoid washing daily. If you want to prevent your hair from falling out, it’s important to avoid a daily wash. By all means, rinse under water if you’re sweating from the gym, but washing with products every day strips the hair of its natural oils. Wash twice a week for maximum hair and scalp health.
  3. Use hair oil. You may not have considered it before, but using hair oil makes your hair stay healthy and luscious. It makes your hair less frizzy and strengthens the follicles in the scalp at the same time. Oil is great for your hair, and you should definitely try it out!
  4. Get it cut! Even if you think your hair is falling out or you’re balding already, get your haircut every four to six weeks. Not only will your hair grow well, it’ll look healthy and without any split ends. Cutting your hair is a good way to treat yourself, too.
  5. Consider scalp scrub. The one thing that you should use is a scalp scrub. It’ll be used mostly on the areas where your hair follicles are. You’ll improve hair growth, have shiny hair and get rid of the dirt from the scalp, too. You will also find you can remove the dead layers of the skin!
  6. Always pat dry. It’s tempting to scrub your hair with a towel after a wash, but you should stop scrubbing and start patting. Hair is weakest when it’s wet, so if you are rubbing at it it’ll be more likely to break.

You can solve your hair issues when you are actually looking after your hair. Pat your hair dry and get rid of the excess water that way before air drying!

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