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Hannah Davis Wows In Sexy Swimwear For Ocean Pacific



Are you tired of that DirecTV ads with Hannah Davis and the talking horse? Of course not, I actually stop fast forwarding the commercials whenever I get a glimpse of it, as I can’t just get enough of her!

Apparently we’re not the only ones smitten with Hannah, because she’s just been named the new face of Op. That’s right, the brand that I rocked back in high school is apparently still alive and kicking (who knew?), and they’ve tapped the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model to showcase their swimsuits.

Now feast your eyes on these SMOKING HOT photos of Hannah Davis as she shows off her gorgeous tan, infamous curves and adorable smile as she models some of the season’s coolest suits.

The Op spring/summer collection is available exclusively at Walmart stores and online at

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