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House Infested With Bed Bugs? Here’s How To Deal With Them!



The process of dealing with a bed bug infestation can be extremely frightening. Your house is your happy place, but you’re now surrounded by unwelcome visitors that bite. 

Though these creatures are tiny and flat, they’re not poisonous. However, they will infest your home if you don’t address the issue and continue to suck your blood when you’re fast asleep late at night.

So, you must take every possible step to eliminate even a single bed bug in your house. 

How can you do that? Find out all the ways in this article.

Watch For The First Signs Of Infestation

It’s possible that you don’t know you’ve got bed bugs until after they’ve begun feeding on your body. For starters, do you notice red marks everywhere around your body? Bed bug bites typically are red, raised bumps that have the pattern of a zigzag. 

They may be itchy, develop blisters, or may not feel much at all. Another indication of bed bugs’ presence is the rust-colored excrement-filled spots in your bed. 

In extreme instances, bed bugs may emit an odor. If you detect a distinct smell coming from your bedroom or another room, look for the presence of bedbugs. Different kinds of insects emit different odors. That said, you may be looking at other kinds of pest infestations as well if the odor is strong.

Wash All Your Fabrics

When you’ve found evidence for bedbugs in the house, it’s time to get working. The heat is a powerful killer of bed bugs, so start by washing your bedsheets and curtains with hot water. 

Removing bed bugs from clothing, bedding, towels, pet beds, and stuffed toys is vital. In fact, anything made of fabric must be put into the washer at high temperatures. After that, dry your clothes in your dryer at the highest temperature that you can.

Note that eliminating an infestation can affect your routine for a couple of days while you wash all your possessions. 

Deep Clean Your Mattress

Remember, your mattress is the center of the crime, so make sure you pay special attention to wash it thoroughly. Although bed bugs aren’t limited to bed only, they like to make their colonies in the mattress. Begin by using a stiff brush to scrub the edges of your bed’s mattress. 

This will pull off their eggs and shells. Next, you must vacuum all sides of the mattress, including the top and bottom, for at least fifteen minutes. Make sure you cover every area of the mattress.

Remember that your vacuum may be infested with insects or their eggs. Once you’re done, please put it in a plastic bag and place it outside the house. You can leave it outside for a couple of days so that the bugs are suffocated and dead. 

The same process can be applied to your mattress- put it in a secure mattress case. Seal it up for at least a year.

Declutter Your Home

Filthy, poorly-maintained homes become a home to bed bugs. However, even houses in wealthy neighborhoods that have excellent housekeeping may be plagued by bed bugs. If there is clutter, there will be bed bugs. Therefore, you must conduct a thorough cleaning of your home.

Dry, cool places are ideal conditions that bed bugs can reproduce. Check the boxes under your bed and in your closet to rid yourself of anything you do not need. Get rid of magazines, books, clothes, kitchen equipment in your attic if you have one.  

You can also call junk removal pros to haul the clutter for you. In fact, many junk removal companies like Pro Junk Dispatch also offer Junk Removal Jobs where you get paid to clear the clutter!

Final Word

Bed bugs are a bane for any home. If you spot their presence, do not wait a minute and execute the tips mentioned above right away to live peacefully in your home!

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