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How Girls Really Feel About Manscaping



You’re sitting across the table from a girl who’s so hot even you can’t believe she agreed to go out with you. Things are going well … that is, until you slip your hand beneath the table to graze her leg and find your fingers tangled in the forest of her straggly, overgrown leg hair.

Horrified? Fair enough. But have you ever considered how she might respond to your unkempt underbrush? In the interest of fairness, we asked our no-holds-barred Men’s Life Today Girl Panel™ to share their real feelings about your head-to-toe topiary. We think you’ll find the results enlightening.

Chest Fur
“Unless you’re a professional swimmer and must rid yourself of all body hair, there is no excuse for taking it off. I like a hairy chest. Nothing too insane, though. I’m trying to date within my species.” — Veronica

“Very curly chest hair is not attractive.” Samantha

“Trimming to make it less ‘mountain man’ is OK — but straight razor-shaving is not.— Stacey

Untamed Tummy
“No garden, please. I like to find the bellybutton. Keep hair the same length as the chest so it looks uniform.” — Stacey

“If hair consumes the stomach to the point that we don’t know what he’s hiding under there, I say it’s time to trim, boys! Put the clippers to work. Show me what you’re working with. Let me see those abs!” — Danielle

“A ‘happy trail’ never fails.” — Stella

Plush Pits
“No girl wants to see a ’fro magically appear every time you lift your arms, so keep it short.” — Stella

“You Tarzan, me Jane. All men should have armpit hair, but I can’t imagine it ever being a deal-breaker if someone doesn’t.” — Danielle

“Just shower.” — Stacey

Fuzzy Forearms
“You should always have hair here — unless people are mistaking you for Teen Wolf, in which case I would recommend you make some changes.” — Danielle

“Do not shave your arms. Ever. In the words of Liz Lemon of “30 Rock,” ‘That’s a deal-breaker, ladies.’ As long as I can still see some actual arm, it’s not a problem.” — Veronica

Back Blanket
“Ew. Do whatever it takes to make it all disappear!” — Danielle

“Back hair is gross and unattractive.” — Samantha

“Back hair is never — I repeat, never — sexy. If it looks like a bear rug is peeking out from behind your collar, please take it off. All of it.” — Stella

“A hairy back beats bacne, I guess.” — Natalia

Below-the-belt Brush
“If you expect me to maintain, don’t think you can slack off. Clean it up a little, but be wary of stubble if your lady friend keeps it bare below the belt. It could cause some uncomfortable stubble burn.” — Veronica

“If you cut an inch, you can ‘grow’ an inch … if you know what I mean.” — Stacey

“If it’s a jungle down there, let’s just be friends.” — Danielle

Long-haired Legs
“Hair? Yes, please. Let it be.” — Stacey

“If you’re a woolly mammoth everywhere else, the legs are the last thing you have to worry about.” — Natalia

“I’m the only one that’s supposed to be smooth!” — Danielle

“They better be hairy, or I’ll wake up and think I’m spooning my best friend.” — Veronica

Bottom Line:
“Be comfortable in your own hairy/hairless skin. Some ladies like a hairy man, some like it less so. But trust me; we aren’t climbing in bed with you because your armpit hair is perfectly groomed or because we can see our reflection in your waxed chest. If you ever end up dating a girl that makes specific body-grooming requests, she isn’t worth your time.” –Veronica

“Try to strike a balance between rugged and delicate: Give me some neat, well-groomed body hair that tastefully shows off your masculinity, and surprise me with some baby-smooth skin I can run my hands across.” — Stella

“Hair on a guy represents his manly side (in my opinion) but too much hair makes the guy look like a Neanderthal.” — Samantha

“Just keep a clean face and you’re golden.” — Natalia

Elizabeth Narins is group editor of Men’s Life Today and Style and Tech for Men at Studio One Networks. The former Love Buzz blogger upholds a strict no-tolerance policy toward male back hair.

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