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How to Finance a Last-Minute Trip



Whether you just found out you have a week of vacation time at work or you got invited to a wedding at the last moment, there are some instances when you simply can’t plan in advance for a trip. Last-minute travel plans mean that you might have to book a flight in a matter of hours or days rather than having months to save for the trip. If you have a last-minute trip to finance, use these six tips to cut costs and afford the trip without going into debt.

1. Sell Possessions

If you need cash in a hurry, one of the best ways to get it without taking out a loan is to sell some of your valuable belongings. If you have several weeks, try selling collectibles online through bidding websites. If you have a lot of items that won’t be worth the shipping expense, hold a garage sale to get rid of them and add to the travel fund. If you have some valuables you aren’t willing to part with for good, bring them to a local pawn shop to get some cash in a hurry. If you pay back the amount within a given time frame, you can pick up your valuables again.

2. Travel in Pairs

Single travelers often end up paying more across the board than pairs who travel together. A single traveler will have to pay for the cab on their own as well as the hotel room, but a pair traveling together can split those costs down the middle, spending less per person overall.

3. Shop for Last-Minute Deals

There is a big market for last-minute travel deals. Whether you need flights, hotels or rental cars at the last minute, check online to see what kind of discounts are available. You might even call a local travel agent to see if they can secure you any discounts from airlines who want to fill their seats at cost rather than flying with empty seats on the plane. Keep in mind that most airlines offer their lowest last-minute fares on a Tuesday night or a Wednesday morning.

4. Contact Friends in Your Intended Destination

If you can’t afford last-minute hotel prices in your intended destination, contact some friends and family in the area and explain your situation. You might be surprised at how many are willing to accommodate you in their home during your stay. Not only will this save you money on your hotel costs, but you can have a chance to reconnect with old friends.

5. Use Airline Miles

One of the best ways to pay for last-minute flights is with airline miles. Even if there are travel restrictions on the available dates, call the company directly to see if they are willing to fill last minute flights this way. They are usually happy to fill empty seats for the flight.

6. Consider a Payday Loan

If you need cash in a hurry for a last-minute trip, consider taking out a payday loan. While it is not advisable to rely on payday loans on a regular basis, they can be helpful as a last resort.

Utilizing these tips can help you to save money on last-minute trips. Be sure to use one or more, whether you have just a few hours until your next flight or a few weeks.

Guest author Sharon Koontz is a financial guru and freelance blogger writing on behalf of

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