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‘Too Fat To Fly’ Passenger Sues Southwest Airlines



Kenlie Tiggeman, the overweight passenger who made headlines last May after she claimed a Southwest Airlines employee told her she was “too fat to fly,” is now suing the airline.

Tiggeman filed an injunction against Southwest Airlines in district court, claiming that the Southwest agents “didn’t follow their company policy and chose to discriminate, humiliate and embarrass [her]” and that the airline uses “discriminatory actions toward obese customers.”

Tiggeman said she is not seeking money. Her injunction wants an industry standard to be put in place for flyers who have to buy a second seat, including rules so that it is no longer up to gate attendants to decide whether or not an obese passenger has to purchase a second seat.

She told ABC News: “If you’re telling me I have to buy two seats, you should tell me at the point of purchase, not the day I’m flying when I check in at the terminal.”

If you look at her pictures, it’s pretty obvious that she’s needed two seats.. Her playing dumb and blaming the airline for unclear standards is a bunch of BS. She also claims that she only weighed “between 240 and 300 pounds” at the time of the flight.

A) That’s a HUGE weight range!
B) She looks way bigger than that.

What do you think of this frivolous lawsuit?

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  1. Rich Lavene

    May 4, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    Who knows? Maybe she’s 3 feet tall?

  2. bob van riezen

    November 2, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    Maybe she should have told them how much she weighed. These people should be made to pay the legal cost of the party that is being sued

  3. Tim Thompson

    August 9, 2013 at 10:52 am

    Well If she was on my flight she could sit beside me because I love plump women. I have always been baffled by the way people look at larger women because they are looked at like aliens or something. I have only dated women over a size 28 or 300 lbs I just find them so beautiful and very attractive. It is kind of crap for someone to say hey your fat you need to loose weight. The way I see it we should be able to say hey skinny girl you are a just a bitch get over your self centeredness. I see it as the same and every girl I have dated was perfectly healthly the only thing was they were “obese” I just think people are scared of a little pudge and they need to get over themselves I would say most men want a girl with some giggle. All the guys I know do but hey it is not socially acceptable to like or date a “fat girl or date the token fat girl with all skinny friends. Another thing that is BS is skinny girls that are friends with fat girls just to say hey atleast I am not as fat as her. Yea you know who you are and to all the nay Sayers do not date a fatty because you will never want to date a skinny thang ever again. Alright that is it


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