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Dr. Dre Plays An Actual Doctor In Hilarious ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Parody



Is there anything that Dr. Dre can’t do? He’s a producer, a rapper, a headphone magnate, and coming this Fall to ABC, he’s about to start saving lives too in Dre’s Anatomy with Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Jimmy Kimmel & Eminem.

Dre’s Anatomy is a hilarious sketch that aired last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, with Dr. Dre living up to his name, playing a real doctor called in to the emergency room to operate on Jimmy Kimmel, in what’s being called a “Code P”.

After Dre brings down his mask and asks what seems to be the problem, a nurse points down to a seemingly unconscious Kimmel and says, “I’ve never seen something like this before.” Dre, rocking a white lab coat, then lifts the hospital blanket covering Kimmel and the rap mogul is befuddled.

“What the f**k is this?” he asks. “This man has no penis.”

Out of nowhere, Kimmel wakes up and confirms he does, in fact, have a penis.

“Not according to what I’m looking at,” Dre claps back.

Just then, Dre summons Dr. Broadus (aka Snoop Dogg), who takes the bit to another level when he’s handed a magnifying glass to get a better look at Kimmel’s sitch.

But the magnifying glass gets them nowhere, so Dre asks for a specialist, Dr. Jackson (aka 50 Cent), who runs into the scene with a fancy, gold-plated telescope. After Fiddy apologizes to Kimmel, Snoop comes around the other side of Kimmel’s hospital bed to take a closer look. After Snoop guides him on where and how to maneuver the clamp, Dre comes up with what can only be described as a tiny piece of chewed pink gum.

“I think I found it,” Dre says, to which Snoop responds with, “It looks like a piece of bubble gum.”

“Guys, could you put that back?” Kimmel interjects. “I came in for a colonoscopy. I don’t know what’s going on here. Maybe I’ll come back later? Like, tomorrow or something?”

Snoop then grabs a laughing gas mask and puts it on Kimmel in an effort to get him relaxed.

“Relax, relax. Chill, to the next episode,” says Snoop.

Kimmel’s heart monitor then starts beeping out of control, prompting Dre to turn it up. The continuous beeping eventually lends to Snoop and Dre’s other 1999 hit, “Still D.R.E.”

The entire bit is hilarious from start to finish, which also features Eminem teasing his all-new medical drama, “E.M.”

This is honestly one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched, it’s such a genius sketch from start to finish!

Trent Carter is looking to keep the tradition of T&A alive and well in today's politically correct world with his popular Thong Battle features, among other things. He also covers even racier topics on our sister site, which is definitely not safe for work!

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