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Watch As Travis Pastrana Shreds Through Florida In A 862HP Subaru Wagon



I’ve been a fan of the Gymkhana series since the very beginning, watching as Ken Block defied the laws of physics in these adrenaline-charged videos, pulling off impossibly cool stunts that defy the laws of physics, in a variety of Subarus and Fords, all without breaking a sweat.

Back in 2020, Block decided to pass the torch to his former Subaru Rally Team USA teammate and longtime friend Travis Pastrana, and let me tell you, Travis has done the series proud, with his Gymkhana 2020 video really raising the bar. And now he’s back with his second Gymkhana video, which might just be the best one ever made! (Sorry Ken)

Hoonigan chose the great state of Florida for Gymkhana 2022, visiting the Florida Keys, Ford Lauderdale, and parts of the Everglades to pull off some absolutely insane stunts. Pastrana is piloting an 862-horsepower Subaru Family Huckster Wagon based on a 1983 Subaru US Ski Team GL Wagon, and it’s an insanely cool retro ride. The Huckster Wagon was created with a few full-time, full-send features–active aero, AWD sequential transmission, rear mounted radiators and an EJ based 2.3-liter billet Subaru Boxer 4-cylinder engine based on the Subaru Motorsports RallyCross engine and ready for 8,000 plus RPM.

I won’t spoil it for you, but Travis held nothing back for this video, pulling off 165-mph jumps, racing a jet plane, drifting around a monster truck, and more pucker moments than you can imagine.. including a base jump gone wrong that resulted in him breaking his pelvis!

“Travis Pastrana is a mad man, and that makes him the perfect wheelman to take these films to a different level,” said Hoonigan co-founder Brian Scotto. “Travis stepped up big time for this film, really improving his driving style and proximity control. But what makes Gymkhana 2022 stand apart, is Travis’ flat-out, just-ain’t-care approach that created some truly unforgettable, and downright sketchy moments for this film.”

Needless to say, stop what you’re doing and watch Gymkhana 2022 right now! Afterwards, let us know what you thought of it in the comments section below.

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