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Captain Morgan Sliced Will Take Your Taste Buds On An Adventure



Captain Morgan Sliced

Just in time for the warmer months ahead, Captain Morgan is officially introducing its newest ready-to-drink lineup, Captain Morgan Sliced. Captain Morgan Sliced is a line of cocktail-inspired malt beverages with an exciting range that goes all-in on flavor and adventure. Each can of Captain Morgan Sliced balances convenience and deliciousness, and there’s something we’ve known since the dawn of bread… sliced makes everything more delicious, exciting, and adventurous.

Best enjoyed chilled from the can, Captain Morgan Sliced offers four delicious malt-based flavors inspired by classic cocktails that will take your taste buds on an adventure:

  • Pineapple Daiquiri Style Beverage, a zesty malt-based take on an island classic that combines the flavors of zesty lime and ripe, juicy pineapple.
  • A berry twist on America’s favorite cocktail, Strawberry Margarita Style Beverage fuses the flavors of zesty lime and sweet strawberry.
  • A tropical sensation, Passionfruit Hurricane Style Beverage is a twist on the classic New Orleans cocktail with the taste of tangy tropical passionfruit, juicy lemon and bright orange flavors.
  • Take a sip fit for paradise with Mango Mai Tai Style Beverage, an exotic malt-based drink that combines the tastes of fresh citrus and pineapple with a ripe sweet mango flavor.

“We didn’t just want to introduce another new canned drink – we wanted to slice through the ordinary with an offering that compliments the adventurous spirit of our consumers,” said Laura Merritt, CMO, Diageo Beer Company. “Captain Morgan has always been known and loved for its bold flavor, and we’re excited to shake up the category and introduce Captain Morgan Sliced to the world.”

The brand’s new creative campaign, “Sliced is Better,” is designed to cut through the crowd, inviting consumers 21+ into a “Sliced world” full of adventure. Because when you think about it, “Sliced” really is better — it turns an old pair of jeans into trendy jorts, a dull hairdo into a fresh new look, and a boring sedan into a convertible.

Whether you’re hanging poolside or just chilling at home with friends 21+, Captain Morgan Sliced invites everyone to live in the now, cut out the complications, and find delicious adventure wherever your crew takes you.

Captain Morgan Sliced is available in a 12-count variety pack of 12 oz cans with an ABV of 5.8% and is now available on shelves nationwide at a suggested retail price of $19.99.

Also new to shelves this month is Captain Morgan Sliced Up. Available in 23.5oz and 16oz can offerings of Long Island Iced Tea Style Beverage and Tropical Hurricane Style Beverage, with an ABV of 8% available in local convenience stores and wherever you can find Captain Morgan.

I can’t wait to try these out.. If they’re as good as they sound, they might just become my new summer drink of choice!

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