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Domino’s Just Added A New York Style Pizza To Their Menu!



Domino's New York Style Pizza

For those of us who live in New York (or New Jersey), we’re no strangers to great pizza, as we’re surrounded by it. But for the rest of you, quality ‘za is hard to come by. But fear not, because Domino’s Pizza just introduced their New York Style Pizza: a pizza that is designed to be even more delicious, whether you hail from New York City or beyond!

The Domino’s New York Style Pizza is made with fresh, never frozen dough that is stretched thin, by hand. It’s topped with a melty blend of cheese made with 100% real mozzarella and provolone, and cut into six big, foldable slices.

“Domino’s prides itself on offering a variety of pizza crusts for all different tastes,” said Russell Weiner, Domino’s CEO. “Our pizza chefs created this new pizza crust to allow the deliciousness of our ingredients to shine through. It has the perfect balance of crust, sauce, cheese and toppings in every bite, making it the star of the show. New York Style Pizza may become our customers’ new favorite crust!”

Domino's New York Style Pizza

Looking to try Domino’s New York Style Pizza? You can take advantage of the following deals:

  • Large three-topping New York Style Pizzas for $10.99 each
  • Mix & Match Deal: order any two or more menu items (including medium two-topping New York Style Pizzas) for $6.99 each
  • Domino’s Rewards members may also redeem 60 points for a free medium two-topping New York Style Pizza.

To locate the nearest Domino’s and place an order, visit

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