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Robitussin® Helps During The Cold and Flu Season



I’m blogging on behalf of Robitussin® and have received compensation for my time, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. I am not a healthcare professional, so please consult your doctor with any questions.

Sick Person

January.. The time of year when sick people are everywhere, coughing up a storm and spreading their germs far and wide. Whenever I hear someone nearby coughing, I quickly hold my breath and turn away in hopes of avoiding catching whatever they’ve got. But since a cough can leave the body at nearly 500 miles per hours, it’s probably an exercise in futility. And it’s even worse when you fly, as the cold virus spreads roughly 5 times faster in an airplane. No wonder there are more than 1 billion cases of the common cold in the US each year!

In order to help you avoid the COUGHequence of cold and flu this season while traveling, Robitussin® has introduced convenient DM Max liquid-filled capsules to control cough on-the-go – perfect for throwing in your bag before hitting the road or boarding the plane.

So why choose Robitussin® DM Max? It’s a non-prescription cough medicine with an expectorant & cough suppressant, which helps control and relieve those awful coughing fits, while thinning mucus to relieve chest congestion. Nothing provides faster, more powerful non-drowsy cough and congestion relief.

Robitussin Maximum Strength Liquid-Filled Capsules

Visit to see the consequences of not treating your symptoms, and the benefits of treating with Robitussin®. After watching the videos, fill out the entry form for a chance to win one of three sweepstakes, including a $10,000 trip for two!

For more information about the Robitussin® line of products, visit

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