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Sensual (and Classy) Gifts Your Girl Will Love



Gifts Your Girl Will Love

Buying a gift for your girlfriend is hard enough, but buying her a sexy gift that won’t get you a slap in the face? Forget about it. Put down the furry handcuffs and instead opt for something with a more subtle message. Women love gifts with symbolic meanings, so give her something that brings a blush to her cheeks but a smile to her face. Come off as a perfect gentlemen with a bit of a naughty side with these sensual but classy gift ideas.

Risque Board Game

Have some fun before a romp in the sheets with an adult board game. Chronicle Books offers a sexy version of Truth or Dare with racy questions and dares that will fire up your love life. Another popular game that has received the naughty treatment is Sex Stack, a game of Jenga with an added twist. Add excitement and surprise to the bedroom with rated-R entertainment.

Bedroom Wear

Don’t be afraid to give your girlfriend tantalizing clothing, like panties from Details are key here, choose lingerie in her favorite color and take her personal style into consideration. Does she love girly accents like ruffles and lace? Choose a pair of panties that have both. If she’s a classic dresser, let her wear her pearls with a no-fuss panty set. On the other hand, if she’s more of the wild type, a leather two piece will have her looking forward to some alone time with you.

Massage Time

Every girl loves to be pampered. Make this gift extra special by planning a spa day for your one and only. All you’ll need is massage oil, your hands and some soft background music. Turn off your cellphone and keep your attention solely on her. This gift is great for boyfriend’s on a budget that are looking for an inexpensive way to spoil their loved one. A massage as a gift is a great way to let your girlfriend know you care about her.

Luxury Chocolate

Of course chocolate couldn’t be left off the list. According to Yale School of Medicine, chocolate releases endorphins (the body’s “feel good” chemicals), making it obvious why American women have named chocolate their No. 1 craving. However, don’t get your girlfriend just any box of chocolate. Go luxury with a 40-piece assorted set of Lindt chocolate or a box of Richart’s beautiful artisan chocolates. Presentation is key when gifting this deliciously sweet treat.

Sensual Candles

Nothing quite says romance like scented candles. The beauty of a dancing flame in the dark is irresistible to many. Allude to nighttime activities with aromatherapy candles in floral scents. Splurge on a Jo Malone candle in Peony and Blush Suede, a feminine scent any women would love, or go the traditional route with a candle from Yankee Candles in Midnight Jasmine, a blend of jasmine, neroli and mandarin blossom.

Aphrodisiac Cookbook

They say a man’s heart is through his stomach, but don’t discount the ladies love of food! Give your girlfriend a cookbook filled with recipes that incorporate delicious aphrodisiacs that will show her how sensual food can be. “InterCourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook” is a great option for beginners. The book contains over 145 recipes that are centered around love and romance. Your girl will love this gift because it’s sexy without being overly sexual. She’ll totally get the hint when she flips through the sensual images of food in this cookbook.

Personalized Romance Novel

If your girlfriend is an avid reader, she’ll love having her very own personalized romance novel featuring the two of you. U Star Novels can create your very own book starring you and your girlfriend. You’ll simply fill out a questionnare with your names, eye color, favorite food, etc. and you’ll receive a unique book centered around your relationship. This creative gift will wow your sweetheart as she reads through romantic settings and steamy scenes with you and her as the protagonist.

Red Lipstick

Think a pair of red lips are sexy? Then this gift is really for both of you. Picking out makeup for your girl might feel intimidating at first, but know that makeup experts can help you pick the perfect shade of red lipstick for your girlfriend’s skin tone. A Chanel lip color is the standard for the perfect red lip. Take a photo of your honey to a Chanel makeup counter and they’ll help you pick the exact shade of red for her. She’ll love this thoughtful gift and feel beautiful while wearing it, and there’s nothing as sexy as a women with confidence.

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