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Must-Have Upgrades For Any Bachelor Pad



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A killer bachelor pad accomplishes two tasks: it’s the perfect hangout spot for your buddies and a place to impress your lady friends. But if yours looks messy, outdated, or just plain boring, how do you upgrade?

Adding your own mix of gadgets and design pieces, along with carefully selected colors and textures, will create a space that’s uniquely yours. Get started with our list of 13 essential upgrades.

Lounge Furniture

Between Call of Duty marathons, falling asleep to a Bond film, playing online games like chess, or kicking back with that girl you met at the office Christmas party, you need cushioning that can keep up. A classy sofa and chair set is a good place to start.


You like to watch movies — or maybe you just like to show off pictures from your last trip to Machu Pichu. Either way, a projector will take your viewing parties to the next level.


You’re not in college anymore, so break your habit of blasting music out of your windows; a quality speaker set allows you to set the mood without making the walls shake. Check online listings or thrift stores for more budget-friendly options.

Bar Cart

Because everyone needs to channel Don Draper a little. Try an updated version of the Mad Men standby with metallic accents and plenty of storage for your hi-ball glasses.

Beverage Refrigerator

If you’re serious about getting your drink on, you need a place that keeps all your beverages perfectly chilled. Coolers don’t run cheap, but they’ll turn ordinary hosts into seasoned entertainers.

Espresso Machine

A high-quality espresso maker will impress anyone who spends the night; who doesn’t want to wake up to a freshly brewed latte? It’s your chance to show off your expansive knowledge on coffee roasts and what makes a latte different from a cappuccino.

Water Filtration

It’s a tiny detail that makes a big difference — none of your guests want to drink funky water. Salt free systems will keep any weird-tasting minerals out of your cocktails and ice cubes (and your shower and faucets).

Countertop Appliances

With the right tools, nobody has to know about your terrible cooking skills. Use a breakfast sandwich maker to accompany your guest’s morning latte, or try an indoor grill in the evening that automatically adjusts cooking time to your food’s thickness.

Wall Art

Yes, you need to appear cultured — no, it’s not hard. Your ability to look like a Renaissance man depends on your taste, and you have endless options. Try framing a few vintage posters yourself, or buying premade art prints from companies like Barewalls. Crafty types can find sculptures at yard sales or thrift stores and paint them to fit any decor scheme. Remember to keep it simple; you’ll look like you’re trying too hard if you crowd your walls.

Display Storage

When you have some extra special items you want to display in your bachelor pad to impress your visitors with, you might want to consider some amazing display cabinets or cupboards with special lighting to make the most of your possessions. You can’t beat a well placed personal collection of trophies or even a collection of the best Ray Ban glasses on display in your own home.


Unless you want a cutting-edge statement piece, you probably don’t need to buy new shelves for your bachelor pad — just spruce up older ones with paint. If you have money to burn, consider turning a large shelf into a room divider.

Indoor Rock Climbing Wall

If you have big room (and a house, or really chilled-out landlord), some companies can build custom walls for you. Now that’s a statement piece.

Jellyfish Tank

This LED tank can display those jellies and give them a color-changing appearance — definitely cooler than your run-of-the-mill puppy.

Punching Bag

If you want a quick workout — or want to show that you work out without rubbing it in everyone’s faces — hang a punching bag in a corner for instant man cred.

No matter how you upgrade your bachelor pad, consider following a few ground rules. Since you’re not in college anymore, own your space and keep it clean: no crusted-on food in the sink, dust bunnies in the carpet, beer can pyramids, or shower mildew. Take pride in your pad, and your pad will return the favor, no matter what you buy.

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