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The Ultimate Bachelor’s Guide to Effective Bar Hopping



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Bar hopping is the best way to socialize with girls, yet bond with the boys at the same time. But before you jump into the bandwagon, here are a few tips to have a really great time bar hopping:

Start With The Cheapest Bar

In every town, there is always a bar with cheaper alcohol compared to the other clubs in that same area. And since booze isn’t expensive there, that is also the place where you can get drunk. This will save you a lot of cash, especially since you will be going to more expensive bars later on.
You could also do the “pre-gaming” to maximize your alcohol intake. This involves a drinking session earlier in the day to warm you up for the actual bar hopping activities.

You could go to a friend’s house early in the afternoon and have quality men’s time before taking off to the club. This saves you a lot of money too, since drinks bought at groceries are much cheaper than the ones at the bar.

Counting The Ladies

The first thing that you should do when you enter a bar is to count. Count if there are more women than men. You don’t want to be in a place full of men. You must find a place where you and your gang could find chicks to spend time and drink beer with.

Drinking Games

Drinking games break the monotony of just gulping alcohol and talking to people. A little competition should spark up the night. Just remember not to drink or play too much.

Moves Like Jagger

If you’ve got what Adam Levine calls “moves like Jagger”, then dance like you’re the Rolling Stone. It’s pretty cool to show the ladies that you’ve got some dance skills. Just make sure you’re not too intoxicated, or else you might end up dancing like Beyonce instead. That would be totally embarrassing.

Get Noticed By The Bartender

Many bartenders acknowledge you if you are holding money while making an order. This indicates your desire to buy drinks. Perhaps you could also tip them as early as after the first round, as this will motivate them to be speedy the next time you get a drink.

If you bar hop regularly, visit the same bars every week and get to know the bartenders when they’re not busy. It’s an advantage to know them by name, because during peak times, they’ll immediately recognize you.

Make Friends With The Bouncers

Befriend the bouncers like you do to the bartenders. Calling them by name might even get you a shortcut from the queue or a VIP spot inside. However, this is not always the case.

Some bouncers can be an annoying, especially those who have power tripping egos. Be friendly and polite. Respect their authority so they’ll also respect you. If they refuse you upon entrance for some reason, don’t argue with them, especially if they’re as big as The Rock and John Cena. Just remain calm, and leave as if nothing happened.

Check the line too because there might be hotties waiting in line to come in. You might want to invite them before they get inside. That would be a bonus.

Dress Code

Wearing the right clothes is the right way to impress. However, don’t go to a club as if you’re going to a prom or the gym. A cool shirt paired with jeans will be the perfect casual look. Don’t forget to wear shoes because there are clubs that don’t allow men in sneakers.

Don’t Forget To Bring Cash

Always remember that cash is king. Be wary of some clubs who do not accept credit card payments. There are also times when ATMs are offline or have run out of cash. The tip is to know how much to spend and bring only that amount of cash with you. Leave all the cards at home, you might even lose them at the club.

Drink Responsibly

Drink responsibly. It’s great to get drunk but be sure you don’t get too drunk. What’s the difference?

Too much alcohol makes us do a lot of crazy and stupid things that we don’t even remember. Whether it’s puking at the floor of the restroom, passing out and being carried out by friends, or even peeing in your pants, these are actions that will enshrine you in the hall of shame.

That’s it! Now that you’re ready, it’s time to call your buddies and hit the club. The girls and the drinks are waiting.

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