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9 Bachelor Pad Principles



Living alone definitely has its perks. Unfortunately, having someone to help make sure your home isn’t the gaudiest one on the block isn’t one of them. All too often, when left to their own devices, bachelors can create some pretty funky living spaces.

A bachelor pad should be a place you’re comfortable in, but also one that’s appealing and functional. You don’t need to have a degree in interior design to clean things up a bit, and to think about your pad’s setup. In fact, following just a few basic principles can help insure your place reflects your personality while still being warm and inviting for guests as well as highly functional:

  1. Entertainment options. A bachelor pad needs to be entertaining. That doesn’t just mean the biggest TV screen and loudest stereo you can find. Those things are fine (along with a high-quality Blu-ray player, connected with only the very best in HDMI cables). However, you need some other things to do. It wouldn’t hurt to have some games in a kitchen drawer, such as a deck of cards, chess set, or backgammon board. Video games are great, too, but not all of your guests are going to want to play 3D shooters.
  2. The couch. A bachelor’s couch should be large, comfortable, and soft. The couch is the main element in the living room of your bachelor pad. It’s where your friends will sleep when they’ve had too much to drink and can’t drive home, and it’s the place where you’ll light a candle and pour a glass of wine, hoping to make your first move on that special lady. The couch should always be clean and free of debris or clutter.
  3. Coffee table. Your coffee table and what’s on it says a lot about you. Biker magazines or a coffee table book on the history of remote controlled cars send specific messages. On the other hand, classic books or magazines with an interesting or intellectual focus will send a very different message. Choose the objects on the coffee table carefully, and tailor them to the impression you want to give.
  4. Plants. Bachelors aren’t known for their ability to care for living plants. Still, plants create a certain color and atmosphere that will impress most of your guests. If you’re concerned about not properly caring for a plant, consider asking someone at the local nursery for some ideas about hard-to-kill plants for your bachelor pad.
  5. Wall decorations. Unfortunately, bachelor pads usually fall into one of two categories when it comes to wall decorations: the nearly-pornographic or the non-existent. Trust us when we tell you that your date isn’t going to be impressed by that 1970s vintage Cheryl Tiegs poster. Instead, install some quality artwork throughout your bachelor pad. A framed piece of art in the living room, bedroom, and bathroom can liven up a room and let guests know that someone who’s sophisticated lives here.
  6. Framed photographs. Consider including a few framed pictures around the bachelor pad. These pictures will say a lot about you, so choose carefully. People will gravitate toward them looking to identify who you are and what you consider important. Family pictures, pictures of friends, and even vacation pictures are all good options. Former girlfriends are less of a good option.
  7. Lighting. Think about the lighting in any given room. The living room should create a soft and romantic atmosphere, perfect for bringing home a date. Dimmers are a wonderful option, letting you adjust the intensity accordingly.
  8. Bathroom concerns. The bathroom should always be impeccably cleaned. Make sure there are extra rolls of toilet paper clearly visible, and a clean hand towel at all times. Watch out for items left over by former girlfriends; your new date will inevitably be digging through your medicine cabinet and find them. Add that stuff that makes the toilet water blue for an added touch of class.
  9. Keep it clean. A bachelor pad should not be able to be identified by smell, and there shouldn’t be piles of dirty clothes – even in your bedroom. Take a few minutes each evening to pick up a bit, and run the vacuum cleaner across the floor a couple of times a week, as well. Keep the fridge free of moldy leftovers, too.

Your bachelor pad says a lot about you. Follow these principles if you want it to say good things about you.

Rob Maxwell is Social Media Coordinator at Starfine Furniture, a leading provider of furniture in Galveston, TX. Their furniture store prides itself for hand selecting everything in the store, from living room furniture to mattresses.

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