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How To Create The Ultimate Bachelor Pad



Let’s face it, your bachelor pad is a very important part of your life. It’s a place you can call home, where you can relax at the end of a long day’s work. It’s a place which takes three core concepts into mind and molds them into a single, habitable masterpiece: Quality, comfort and above all, personality. Everything in your pad should encompass these three things. If you’re looking to create the ultimate bachelor pad which epitomizes everything about you and your successful lifestyle, here’s what you need to get.

You want furniture that reflects you. Do you want something thin and flimsy or something that’s comfortable, reliable and built to last? When you’re out choosing furniture, look at the structure of the piece. How well do the joints sit together? Is it sturdy hardwood or is it softwood which will dent every time you put a cup down? Personally, I’d go for hardwood, unless you’re looking for something like a stylish modern coffee table to enjoy your espressos at.

A new coat of paint is the first step towards making any house feel like a home, and your bachelor pad is no different. Light colors are definitely the way to go, as they make the room feel bigger than it actually is, adding the feeling of space and comfort. Just be careful not to spill the paint on the carpet unless you’re planning on getting rid of it. Where possible, laminate flooring is better than carpets anyway – it gives the room a clean and spacious look, is better for those with allergies, it’s harder to stain and is much easier to clean at the end of a messy weekend.

The lighting system is an integral part to any 21st century bachelor pad. Simple on/off switches just won’t do. Dimmer switches are better, but they’re not the best option either. Get rid of your old incandescent bulbs and replace them with smart LED lighting. Not only is LED lighting far more energy efficient, which saves you a lot of money over the course of the year, but some smart LEDs can be adjusted using your phone. This means instant, effortless mood lighting, it means changing the colors of the lights to suit your mood, and it means having the bachelor pad of tomorrow, today.

Television in living room

Of course, you can’t just play with your lights all day.. As amusing as that sounds, the novelty will soon wear off. So get yourself a mini bar, an espresso bar and a big flat screen TV – at least 50″ and nothing smaller. The bigger the better, as with bigger screens come more immersive films and games. Unless you’re a Sony fanboy, an Xbox One will also help make life easy, as the voice commands will impress just about anyone who doesn’t own the console themselves. Why fumble around looking for the remote when commanding your console, “Xbox, pause” does the job? Get yourself a decent surround sound system too – remember that sound systems use an X:Y ratio, where X is the most important. A 7:1 is better than a 5:1, which in turn is better than a 2:1 system.

If Money’s No Object
If you’ve got the money, forgo the big screen TV and get a projector instead. Laser projectors are the way to go if you’re going to do it right, as they offer the sharpest images, the deepest colours and the widest gamuts for anyone looking to go all out on their home cinema. If you’re really looking to go for broke with your home entertainment system, OLED wallpaper is the next big thing, with a 1mm thick 55″ display weighing as little as 1.9kg. This is, of course, reserved for those of you with thousands to spend. But if you can afford it, you’ll be left with a bachelor pad that will have your buddies drooling, and your romantic interests beyond impressed.

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