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Should You Sign A Prenuptial Agreement Before Getting Married?



You might think that prenuptial agreements are only necessary for Hollywood celebrities or titans of industry, and that broaching this sensitive subject with your future spouse might cause some friction.

But here’s the thing. While you hope that you’ll be with your future wife for the rest of your life, statistics paint a far bleaker picture. So signing a prenup that establishes the property and financial rights for each of you is wise “just in case”, especially if either one of you has personal or business assets from before your marriage, or debt that you don’t want the other to be responsible for.

Sadly, I’ve had more than a few friends get divorced over the past few years, and in each case they got taken to the cleaners. My one buddy lost his house, assumed his wife’s credit card debt ($80K), and is stuck paying alimony to her for the next six years, and he now lives in a dumpy apartment. How is that even remotely fair?!

When he got married, be thought that they’d be together “till death do us part”, so he didn’t see the need for a prenup. But he learned his lesson the hard way, and he’s definitely getting a prenup drafted up if he decides to get married again. An expensive lesson learned the hard way, that’s for sure..

Listen, I get it. Telling your significant other that you want them to sign a prenuptial agreement is unromantic, could create some resentment, or make it seem like there’s a lack of lifetime commitment to one another. But as you can see, if things go south in your marriage, it can get ugly.. and expensive.

So before you get married, talk to your fiancé about why the two of you should consider a prenup, and talk to an attorney like the family lawyers Parramatta, who can draft up a prenup that’s agreeable to all parties.

Hopefully you’ll beat the odds and have a happy, life-long marriage. But if you don’t, you’ll be happy you had her sign that prenup before getting married!

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