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Star Wars Fans, Help Save A Piece Of Movie History!



35 years ago, deep in the Chott el Gharsa Tunisian desert, a group of filmmakers gathered to shoot a movie and wound up creating a science fiction legend. We suspect you recognize the building in the photo and the legendary movie series involved with it. Enthusiasts refer to this building as the Lars Homestead. It’s located at the center of the family’s sprawling moisture farm on the desert planet of Tatooine.

As the photos illustrate, the temperature extremes and desert climate have taken its toll on the famous “igloo”. Realizing that this iconic piece of film history will be soon lost to future generations of sci-fi enthusiasts, a group of “Tatooine Pioneers” has formed with a single cause; an expedition to return to the Lars Homestead and restore the famous building to its original glory

This expedition will launch next year (2012), on the 35th anniversary of the original movie, and it will be the subject of a full documentary released on DVD.

This is purely an enthusiast-supported venture with no ties to Lucasfilm. Funding comes from sales of collectibles and donations to the cause!

Make a donation and receive a rare Tatooine collectible:

  • Lars Expedition Certificate ($17)
  • Lars Expedition T-Shirt (front and rear) and certificate ($37)
  • Tatooine Sand Wristwatch, Premium Edition ($77)
    Brochure: Page one, Page two, Page three
  • Tatooine Sand Wristwatch, Limited Edition ($107)
    Brochure: Page one, Page two, Page three

As you can see, if you donate $77 or more, you get the Tatooine Sand Wristwatch. The hand built watches feature Aurebesh numerals and sand from the Tunisian desert – aka Tatooine.

These are high-quality watches that offer a feature never before seen in a wristwatch; inside the watch is actual sand from the movie filming location! It is sealed under the watch dial where it can easily be seen during use.

This sand was obtained by Mark Dermul, the head of the 35th Anniversary Expedition.

These watches are literally the first watches ever designed that display “historic sand” under the dial. It’s never been done before. Just think who has walked on that sand; famous actors, actresses, aliens, droids, and even George Lucas himself! If you’re a true Star Wars fan, please donate to the cause and help save the Lars Homestead!

Donate $77 or $107 for a Tatooine Sand Wristwatch

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  1. Canada Goose Parkas

    September 27, 2011 at 6:28 am

    As a star war fan,I advocate to protecting the history location of the movies.With the dry climate ,the land are being eroded.If more sans are used to make watch ,the Lars Homestead will disappear soon.

  2. Ron E46

    November 30, 2011 at 11:31 am

    I don’t think they will remove that much sand for each watch or in total. We’re probably talking a few pounds at most.

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