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The Trend Of Robosexuality



Sexbots have a great future. We will have to wait a few more years for their appearance though. But one thing is certain, It’s not just a fad. Already today, sex robots serve as companions for lonely people, seniors, the physically and mentally ill and the disabled. In addition to the development of online and virtual life, the current pandemic is also recording their very rapid development. They have their critics and promoters.

Relationships with sexbots are no longer science fiction

According to experts, the digisexual community is growing exponentially. Recently, 35-year-old Japanese Akihiko Kondu illegally married a hologram in honor of the triumph of their mutual love.

Shortly before him, Chinese engineer Zheng Jiajia married an unofficially hand-built sex robot, Yingying.

The Frenchwoman hiding under the nickname Lilly InMoovator wants to marry a robot made on a 3D printer. She perceives herself as a proud robosexual and refuses physical contact with men.

Sophia, one of the most advanced sex workers, is a proud citizen of Saudi Arabia, interviewing journalists from around the world and connecting the world of humans and robots.

The list of interesting facts from the relationship between a man and a sex bot would be long. Billions of dollars are being invested in the development of intelligent robots, and technology companies are competing with innovation.

Robosexual trend

Today, each of us can no longer be given the status of a common sexual identity, such as heterosexuality, homosexuality or pansexuality. People who report to have sex with robots can choose the sticker robosexual from established sexual identities.

Many of them cannot imagine an intimate relationship with a person. They compare it to homosexuals, to whom the heterosexual relationship says nothing at all. In their intimate life, there is only room for a sex doll or sexbot. They are not interested in sex with people.

Artificial intelligence expert David Levy writes in his 2007 book Love and Sex with Robots that by 2050, robots will become so attractive to humans that we will live with them, have sex with them and love them.

It is more common than ever to have artificial companions

We live more and more virtually, we work online, from home and we leave our homes less and less. Therefore, having sex with a robot is becoming easier and more common for many people. It ceases to be taboo.

Experiencing real sex with a person may soon be reminiscent of the same situation as playing Beethoven’s Ninth from a recording instead of a live concert at home. Making love to people will be exceptional.

Sex with robots pushes the boundaries of eroticism to a whole new level. Within their abilities, they meet the needs of their “owner” at any time and without apology. They can be programmed, appearance changed and turned off at any time.

Digi ero waves

In the first wave of digisexuality, technology is a mediator and delivery system for sex for humans. Including internet porn, dating applications for sex, sending sexual SMS or electronic erotic aids.

In the second wave comes a deeper relationship with the device through virtual reality or artificial intelligence, which is represented by sexual robots and robots without sexual limits. For some, the line between digisexuality and human time is blurred.

Online and offline life without distinction

The next generation will most likely not know the difference between online and offline life. They will grow up with chatbots that educate them about sex and make love in their own virtual reality, or they will spend time with their partners through a hologram.

It will be as common as it was before sex education in schools through VHS tapes. For many of the people mentioned in the introduction, silicone sex dolls or sexbots with AI (* Artificial intelligence) are already alternative partners today.


In the near future, sexbots will provide not only intimate physical satisfaction but also on an emotional level. The startup company Lora DiCarlo, for example, already today offers a massage machine for women, which uses micro robotic technology and perfectly simulates the movements of a living man.

Harmony and Solana sex robots from Abyss Creations, California, also have artificial intelligence. It offers sex, company and a simple pleasant conversation. You can adjust their character to your liking.

The prices of sex workers with AI are still in the hundreds of thousands. However, their simpler fellow sex dolls can be purchased from $1000 and upwards. In any case, the demand from customers is still growing, sexbots are getting better and better, and their prices are gradually becoming more affordable.

Campaign against robots

Many scientists are fighting sex robots and fear that digisex will harm mainly women and children. They point out that their development will lead to further objectification of women and children. Robots are often caricatures of how women actually look and promote sexism. They are often of a juvenile appearance and can incite child sexual abuse.

They mention the danger of lack of empathy in digi and robotic relationships, possible loss of contact with the world, isolation, increased violence.

It is the same with robots as with other advanced technologies. It depends on how you use them. Their potential in helping people not only at the level of relationships, and the intimacy is huge. It’s up to us not to ruin our relationships in the future.

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