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Total Gym XLS – Five Month Update



Total Gym XLS

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been about five months since I started using the Total Gym XLS. My goal was to be at 180 lbs by Labor Day, and while I came close, unfortunately I didn’t quite hit my goal weight. Still, I’m thrilled with the progress that I’ve made over these past five months, and I have no plans to slow down now.

So why couldn’t I hit my weight loss goal? I hit a fitness plateau that I just couldn’t push through for the life of me. It’s something that all personal fitness trainers can attest to, and if you watch The Biggest Loser, you’ve even seen it happen on there on occasion. You workout religiously, yet the weight just refuses to come off.

Essentially, your body gets used to the workouts you’re doing, and you hit a plateau. And that’s exactly what happened to me. I had been doing John Carleo’s 6-8 Minute Workout routines for months now, and it wasn’t really challenging me anymore. But since it was such a time saver, I stubbornly stuck with it.

Finally, I came to the realization that I needed to start tackling some new exercises to challenge my body, so I went back to the fitness deck and put together a series of entirely new workout routines. The first few days were brutal, but feeling my muscles burn like they hadn’t in quite some time told me that this was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Sure enough, when I got on the scale a week later, I saw my weight drop another few pounds. Proof positive that this much-needed change was working! My only frustration, that I didn’t make these changes sooner.

Moving forward, I’m making sure that I keep mixing up my workouts, doing entirely different exercises on different days to keep my body “off balance” and working at it’s full potential.

Stay tuned for next month’s update.. I’ve got a good feeling about it!

Disclosure: Guys Gab was provided with a Total Gym XLS free of charge, however the opinions expressed are my own.

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