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What A Dating Coach Can Do For You



Some men naturally walk with swagger and exude charm; for others it’s a learned skill. If you feel like your dating life is struggling, a dating coach can help you step outside your comfort zone with customized social exercises that meet you on your level.

You will get personalized attention and real-time feedback. Whether it’s overcoming anxiety or learning tips about body language, your dating coach can teach you the fundamentals in a low-pressure, stress-free environment.

Dating coach venues include:

  • One-on-one meetings
  • In-the-field experiences
  • Small group seminars
  • Online Sessions & Seminars
  • Telephone Coaching
  • Weekend or weekday workshops
  • Written material, including books and newsletters

As with any trusted advisor, there are certain qualities that you should look for in a dating coach. Start with the company to ensure that you agree with the overall philosophy and approach. Read reviews of that particular company or coach’s track record. Don’t be afraid to inquire about experience levels and training for dating coaches.

Take notice of how your potential dating coach responds to your efforts to reach out. Do you receive a timely response? Does the coach seem genuinely committed to your success?

A good coach will offer specific strategies and targeted advice. Watch out for vague techniques, such as “be yourself” or “unleash the man within”. These are not actions; rather they are catchy slogans that are nothing more than marketing schemes. Never trust a coach who promises to get you any girl, anywhere, anytime.

Examine the values of the potential dating coach to see how they line up with your own. If you are looking to be the guy at the club who gets all the girls, find a coach who specializes in that approach. If you desire to find someone for the long haul, align yourself with that type of coach. Ultimately, you will adopt similar beliefs and actions to the person who mentors you. Find someone who mirrors the man you want to become.

Make sure that you are ready to be coached. A good student needs to have an open mind and be willing to stretch beyond comfortable limits. Your coach will guide and push, but you must be willing to grow and respond.

For a lucky few, their soul mate happens to spontaneously appear out of the clear blue sky. But for those who are tired of sitting around waiting for Cupid’s arrow, a dating coach is a smart strategy that increases your odds of meeting women and hopefully that special someone.

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