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What Makes Kayaking A Good Form Of Exercise?




Looking for a fun activity to do out in nature? The answer is almost always kayaking. With the ability to explore nature from within the river/lake through a kayak, you’re able to not only have an amazing time but also intensely exercise your body without you even feeling it. A fact that barely anyone knows is that kayaking happens to be one of the greatest forms of exercise there is; your arms get the workout they need, plus you get the opportunity to bond with your loved ones and even nature. Simply going out and enjoying your day out in the river can get you a free pass from heading to the gym or having to go for a jog. Kayaking is extremely good for your body and if you want to learn why that then keeps on reading and you’ll find out.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Kayaking Is A Great Exercise:

1. It’s An Excellent Way To Lose Weight

One of the greatest things about kayaking is the fact that it requires your entire body to be constantly working as you’re on your journey. That may sound tiring, but it isn’t. Anyone who has been kayaking knows that it’s a very leisurely thing to do, and it doesn’t tire you out whatsoever, however, it still manages to work your entire body and make you lose up to 450 calories per hour. That number of calories lost is insane because you’d need to jog for an entire hour to get the same results. Without the effort and the boredom that accompanies you as you jog, you get an amazing workout for your body that helps you lose weight while you’re barely even paying attention to the fact that you’re working out. You’ll be too busy exploring the scenery and enjoying yourself to realize that you’re exerting that much effort.

2. It Helps In Muscle Growth & Toning

While kayaking, you’re usually rowing the boat as you gently press down with your body to maintain your steadiness while in the water. That in itself is an entire workout for your entire body, especially your abs. Your body is exercising all the muscles in it as you ride down the water, so it would come as no surprise if you see yourself gaining tone on your muscles as you do this more often. One question people have when they’re planning to go kayaking is how to safely transport your kayak from your house to your choice of lake/river, and while it may require certain tools, it also requires a little strength to pick it up and place it around from time to time. The more you kayak, the more you’ll realize that you’re carrying around the kayak a lot easier because of the strength you’re gaining all around your body.

3. It’s An Effective Stress Reliever

Just like yoga, being on the boat with nothing but nature has a mesmerizing feeling to it that transports you to an entirely different place. That place you go to is stress-relieving, and you’ll find that you’re so much calmer after you’ve gone kayaking than before. Exercises like yoga and kayaking help out a lot with stress, as stress causes you to go towards unhealthy habits and has a lot of impact on your body if it’s an exceedingly high level of it too. Activities that relieve your stress are very beneficial to both your mind and also your body, as when you have a healthier mind, you’ll almost automatically have a healthier body.

4. It’s Extremely Fun

When you’re out jogging or exercising in general, you’re often doing it for the sole purpose of just exercising. Doing it just for that might not be that entertaining, as you’re bound to eventually get bored if you’re just tiring your body without anything other than the expectation for a difference in your weight’s result. It’s the complete opposite when it comes to kayaking, as you’re out there to have fun. You’re bound to have a great time if you’re out in the water, as the entire experience is very joyful. Having a workout so intense be that joyful makes you want to do it time and time again, which is something you’ll never experience with other workouts as you’ll always wish it was the last time you ever have to do it. Having something so helpful be so much fun increases your likelihood of doing it more, even without considering the exercising aspect. You’ll just generally want to go kayaking more often after you go for the first time, and the more you go, the more you benefit.

5. It Helps Your Cardiovascular System

Any exercise that gets your blood flowing all around your body will automatically benefit your heart become healthier. When your heart is activated and it starts pumping blood at a higher rate due to you exerting more energy, you work out your heart, as it’s also a muscle in your body that requires working out from time-to-time. Going out into the water and paddling your way to the middle of the river helps your heart grow stronger which automatically helps you avoid things like heart attacks, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Another benefit is also to your lungs as whenever your heart beats faster, you’re going to need to get more oxygen in there too, and that’s why your breathing gets faster along with your heart. Getting your lungs working helps you with increasing their capacity while keeping them active and healthy.

It’s really surprising how many benefits there are to kayaking that no one knows about. This exceptionally amazing activity provides you with the ability to explore nature while keeping yourself both stress-free, entertained and healthy. The more you read about what you can do when you’re outside in the water, the more excited you’re going to get about planning your next kayaking trip. So if you’re already getting ready for your next kayaking adventure, then make sure you’re also ready to have one of your most memorable experiences out in the water, as it’s a lot of fun!

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