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Your Legal Rights When Buying A Car



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Buying a car for the first time can be a thrilling experience. It can often be one of the happiest occasions of your life by that point. While the process usually goes smoothly, that isn’t always the case. If you’re buying a second-hand car, that’s especially true.

First-time buyers wouldn’t be the only ones affected, as more experienced drivers can often run into issues, such as if there’s an auto accident. These typically revolve around what your legal rights are as a car buyer. If you don’t know these and you run into problems, then you could be out a car and money.

That makes it vital to know your rights when buying a car.

What Are Your Rights When Buying A Car?

The First 30 Days

The first 30 days after you buy a car will be one of the most notable. You shouldn’t expect any issues during this period. If you do, however, the majority of places have laws mandating that you can get a full refund on the purchase.

To do so, you’ll need to prove that the car was faulty at purchase, which might be difficult. This can also extend to repairs or any maintenance needed during this period. If this needs to be done, then you can hire a mechanic and bill the dealership you bought from, or have them organize the repairs themselves.

Depending on where you buy from, you might need to choose the latter option. In many cases, this will be outlined in the sales agreement.

After 30 Days

What your legal rights are 30 days after buying a car can differ depending on where you are. If you find a problem within six months, then it’s likely that the dealership will have to pay for it. In these cases, the dealership will have to prove that the fault wasn’t there when they sold you the car.

If they do, then you’ll have to repair the car yourself. If they don’t, they’ll have one chance to address the issue. Should the fix not address the problem, then they’ll have to replace the car for you.

What Isn’t Covered?

You might be wondering what isn’t covered by the law after you buy a car. Anything that falls under typical wear and tear wouldn’t be covered by any warranties or laws. These can often be difficult to determine, although the most notable are brakes wearing down and tires wearing out.

Essentially, any damage that’s caused by you and your driving wouldn’t be covered, and you’ll need to pay for repairs yourself.

Wrapping Up

Despite all the positives of buying a car, there can often be negatives. While brand new cars shouldn’t have any problems, you shouldn’t expect that from second-hand cars or older models. Knowing your rights when buying a car is just the first thing that you should do.

When checking a car before you buy, you should be thorough with your examinations. Getting a mechanic to check things over beforehand could also be recommended. Many sellers should also be able to provide documentation testifying to the car’s condition.

That will also be beneficial, and should be part of your car-buying journey.

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